From whose pus-oozing, wart-papillated anus did you ooze, Ted Rogers?

Actually, I hadn’t heard. I just thought that unpredictable loss of my Rogers internet connection was the price I must pay for using your shitty service.

I’m sure you are. And I am absolutely certain that you’ll milk this rumour for everything it’s worth (the better to divert attention from your usual ‘fuck you’ attitude towards your customers)

I’m sure you did. But, y’know, I can’t really swear to it since all I got was a goddamn busy signal. A busy signal! In 2001. From “Canada’s national communication company”.

You did tests. Wow. You guys are good. And to think I’ve been critical of your service.


The same folks who left me (and tens of thousands of others) without connectivity for weeks in the Fall and then made us write in for a refund. And write again. And call. And email. And not mind being ignored. And call again. And write again…

Fuck you, Ted Rogers.

Amen, brother.