Frosty Camel is a reverse troll

This thread:

The dude is absolutely telling the truth (i.e., everything in his OP is 100% accurate)–don’t ask me how I know.

But, he knows that, due to recent events with umkay, the board is discussing the whole phenomenon of trolling and is quite suspicious of posters with extraordinary stories. So, he posts about his completely true story just to get a rise out of people by arousing their suspicion, secure in the knowledge that he’s actually telling the absolute truth.

What a schmuck. I mean, trolling is somewhat understandable, but he’s really taking it to the next level.

How do you know?


I blame mothman.

Note the OP of the thread where that warning was posted.

The lesson: Do not fuck around with mothman.

Also, my Google is broken, apparently. It can find none of the references online to news about a mother and three children being killed by a drunk driver recently. I know that news organizations are usually loathe to cover such morbid stories, but you would think there would be at least one editor somewhere who is callous enough to report on such a tragic event for the mere purpose of attracting readers. Why can’t I fucking find it? Damn Google.

A man’s whole family getting wiped out by a drunk driver is a horrible, horrible tragedy. The Straght Dope community is filled with people who will generously and sincerely offer their condolences and sympathy and advice, and if it is at all in their power to provide actual help in the real world, I am sure that countless members would do so for a stranger at the drop of a hat, on the basis of little more than an anonymous request for help.

That is a wonderful thing. I hate to see anything that would make even a small fraction of such people question their natural instincts to be helpful and supportive, out of fear that maybe they are being played.

So he’s a llort?

Well there is this storyfrom Texas. Of course, in that case, the drunk driver who killed the wife and three children (now four children, the child who survived has since died) was the father, who is in jail. Also the ages of the children don’t match. But if this were the case in question, I don’t think this person would be receiving too much sympathy from the board.

He was the drunk driver.

I laughed.

That means you hit him once and then run away fast, and let the negative regeneration take him down.

Do you know how creeped out I am about that post?!? IF what he said is true, then I feel horrible that I ever posted that.

Have you been drinking, doll?

So his need to troll us outweighs his grief?


Is that Anything like a reverse vampire?

I don’t understand the point of this thread, and not in the same way I usually don’t understand the point of anything you say.

Seems like he would have more important things to do just days after his wife and three children are killed than to keep up with the SD trolling events and start one of his own, then not take part in it.

I thought he was the asshole.

He can be two things.

Can he shrug at the same time?

Don’t be silly. This thread is a brilliant double reverse.

I pit Rand Rover for trolling the reverse troll by proxy. Getting Bricker to post ‘How do you know it’s a true story?’ is awesome.