Fuck Alberta

Canada’s answer to Texas (y’know - oil, beef, that shit) has always been on the radar for leaning politically too far to the right for this dude’s liking, but yesterday cemented matters for me with the lockdown protests at the Edmonton legislature on Saturday.
Hey why not throw in a little promomtional material of the Charlottesville rally at this stupid lockdown protest, and while we’re at it, (speak of the devil!) let’s fire up a tiki torch or two, shall we?

Bad enough that the premier took a several days to condemn this. One wonders if he would have, had there been no pushback to begin with.

There were more articles like this I coulda posted. Their right wing nuttery is growing. Hoping some provinces can opine with their pushback on this - let Alberta know that this cancer is motherfuckingly unacceptable up here in Canada, and cannot and will not spread.

Probably should’ve waited until I got home from work before posting this, but my britches are so boiled, I had to put it now, so I will be curious when I get back about what takes there’ve been, here.

They’re a spearhead through the heart of Canada. Only way to deal with them is from two fronts:

from the West and from the East…

In a throwback to some years ago, I have always maintained that “my Canada has Quebec, but Alberta has got to go”

Honestly, I think it’s the other way around. Yes, Alberta is Canada’s Texas, but they mostly appear to be crazy because of the extent to which they’ve single-mindedly tried to advance their archaic fossil fuel economy, denied climate change, decried environmentalism, and supported the crazy political parties that sided with them. It’s not the whole story but it’s a big part of it.

Whereas Quebec is more like, “Speak French, or else get out or die”. They’re more than willing to suspend the Constitution – they insisted on being able to do so – to assert this bigoted idiocy. The only reason they’re still part of Canada is that the federal government keeps throwing untold billions their way to keep them happy, mostly in the form of pork projects. Like the completely unneeded international airport at Mirabel outside Montreal, which ended up such an unnecessary utter failure that it eventually become cargo-only. Whereas Toronto, a much larger and much faster-growing city, especially now that it has so many businesses that have left Montreal because of the idiotic language laws, still struggles with a single international airport that is the 11th busiest in North America and the busiest in Canada, while Montreal’s YUL is down at 34th. And major federal contracts tend to get preferentially thrown to Quebec, like bones to an angry dog.

The difference is that I think Alberta will eventually be forced to see the light of day, and will be able to see it. Quebec will never be able to see anything beyond the blinkers of their language bigotries and paranoia.

I’m one of the 6 moderates living in Alberta and I rue the fact that the UCP has turned this province into a shambles; the stage was already set long before with King Ralph, Redford and her ilk. I remain faintly hopeful that Albertans will finally wake the fuck up but I’m not counting on it. The sooner Kenney and his puppets are gone the better.
I’m really sad because Alberta is beautiful, and has so much potential.
I still believe in one Canada, and that includes the fractious child that is Quebec.

“appear” to be crazy? why is this not actually crazy?

honestly want to know - I haven’t thought about Canada since I lived in Minnesota and that’s a long time ago. so, interesting thread.

I can’t remember how much I can swear in this forum. well, this makes me really angry.

I say knock yourself out!

For what it’s worth, I intended to link to the “Hey Motherfuckers” thread, but I fucked that up.

Were these the guys who interred the Japanese?

Indeed, B.C. has an incredibly shameful legacy, it must be said, with having considerably more WW2 Japanese internment camps than any other province back then (although the other provinces were definitely culpable).
The main processing centre for the Japanese was through Vancouver’s Hastings Park, where they were separated from their faimilies and then sent to places in BC and across Canada.
But - like the US Democratic Party being the party of white privelege until the (R.) Southern Strategy in the late 60’s - Canada has no longer resorted to such abominable incarceration practices, so, if this has been long since in the rear-vew mirror (but obviously not forgotten), then I think it would be much more constructive to focus on the current threat in the province next to it.

I’ve consulted my fellow Albertans and we’ve decided to turn off the taps to you impertinent ingrates.

Granting some mercy, we give you fair warning of what lies ahead for you:

day one - your houses are getting cold (or hot and humid if you live in southern Ontario)
day two - grocery stores no longer have fresh produce as delivery trucks have no diesel
day three - all fast food restaurants close down
day four - people notice that Amazon deliveries are no longer showing up on their doorsteps
day five - Walmart shelves are getting pretty bare
day six - plastic production plants shut down. 99.99% of manufactured goods cannot be made anymore.
day seven - everybody’s cars have run out of gas so they just sit at home in the dark. However your bicycles have free reign on the city streets.


Sure, the whole country quickly grinds to a halt because Alberta, alone in this world, has gas!

They really are living in another reality to believe this kind stuff!

I disagree with your analysis of Quebec and its role in Canada; from Confederation on, Ontario has fostered anti-Francophone sentiment and embarked on its own expansionary program. One crucial role Quebec has played is that of a counterweight to imperialism, especially Canada’s involvement in British and American wars, and as a counterweight to the dismantling of social welfare in Canada. Virtually every province has engaged in anti-confederation rhetoric. The recent racism, and the historical anti-First Nations actions of the Quebec government is deplorable, but again, it is hardly alone in that.

Free REIN!

Kenny and the Lake of Fire party are a bunch of assholes, no doubt.

OP, hey, fuck you!

This is the same crap Wyomingites like to spout when the rest of the country points out how… provincial we are.

Wyomingites are idiots.

Express yourself, son - set yourself free - {{{{ be you }}} (right?)
So, whasssssuuuuuup?

Oh come on! The Quebec Language Police are the stuff of legend, and Quebec bigotries against “foreign” cultures and religions is blatant and despicable. This CBS 60 Minutes piece on the Language Police would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad and infuriating to those who have to live it.

And Ontario fostering anti-Francophone sentiment? Ontario goes out of its way to have bilingual traffic signs on major freeways and bilingual government services, despite having a very small Francophone population, all of whom speak English. Quebec has strictly unilingual road signs, to the point that it’s a safety hazard for the many American and non-French Canadian tourists driving there. And of course the ever-present Language Police, making sure that business signs are mostly French and that the language of business is French whether the employees like it or not. No wonder so many companies have left. They are hell-bent on making it a unilingual province by force of law. Driver’s licenses and birth certificates are now issued only in French, making them potentially problematic in the US. But they don’t care, because sticking it to the English is what it’s all about.

Maybe you’re not aware that more and more of the cars on our roads are becoming electric, and trucks will soon follow. The major car manufacturers plan to stop making gasoline powered cars altogether within less than 15 years. Virtually all electric power generation in Ontario is nuclear or hydro, with increasing amounts coming from wind and solar. I wouldn’t be concerned about us in Ontario living in the cold and dark, I’d be more concerned about what happens to Albertans when their fossil-fuel economy collapses, if they don’t smarten up and adapt to the new reality.