Fuck Amazon and USPS

I bought some sandals from Amazon. They sent them USPS.

USPS delivered them Sunday AM and left them ‘at the mailbox’. AHEM. I live in an apartment complex with 152 apartments. The mailboxes are in the lobby. By the time I saw it was delivered, it was gone. Stolen. NO SHIT??? Wow, who’d have thought that if you leave a large package just sitting in a common area, it’ll walk off? Only anyone with an IQ above 30.

I tell Amazon and they send a replacement. I specify DO NOT deliver on the weekends. Sure as shit, the next Sunday morning I step out to do some laundry and there it is, sitting in front of my apartment door. No knock on my door, nothing. :smack:

So yesterday I placed another order through Amazon. It is being delivered by USPS. :mad:

I’m going to fucking work from home tomorrow just so I can be there to (hopefully) save my package from just being stolen out of the hall, since I know there’s zero chance they’ll just leave it at the office like every other delivery service.

Gosh, Amazon. I hope this deal with the USPS is cheap enough for you to replace all the lost, stolen and missing packages caused by those fuckers.
We need someone to update the old Lily Tomlin ‘Ernestine the Operator’ commercials.

"We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the Post Office."

I’d rather they sent mine USPS from the get go but, no, they send them with that stupid UPS SmartPost crap and it takes longer to get them.

That large a building and there’s no package boxes?


Can you have packages delivered to your place of employment?

Stop ordering from Amazon and you won’t have to stay home from work.

You don’t want to add a “fuck” for the asshole who stole your package?

Where does USPS deliver on Sunday?

Yeah, e-commerce is dying fad.

Amazon Prime.
So, what would be your preference? Super Crappy "we only deliver notices’ UPS? Worse FedEX?

I mean, your apt office signs for your packages and keep them safe? That’s nice- for you.

Just put a note for you mail man asking him to do the same.

You could check if there’s an Amazon Locker location near your home or work:

They deliver just packages on Sunday in my area. I think it’s to get some extra revenue.

I’ve had UPS pull up outside my house walk up to the front door and then walk away and drive off. The fuck? So I go to my door and he had put a note on it saying they tried to deliver it but nobody was home. I watched him through the window coming and going and I was on the couch watching TV.

Yep. That’s exactly why the UPS is in the business of delivering notices, not packages.

I ordered a piece of costume jewelry as a gift. It was $60. I never received it.
So I pursued the $50 insurance on priority mail (less than I paid but better than nothing) and was told that the mail person left it in the box on XX Day.
I have never one time had anything stolen from my mailbox or my porch, and I’ve had some expensive things delivered before- never once a problem and never once made any kind of claim for reimbursement. Furthermore, I was home on the day this ring was supposedly delivered and I got the mail out of the box very soon after it came. It wasn’t in there. I have, however, had mail for my neighbors delivered to me, including the occasional package, on several occasions.
I called, asked to speak to a supervisor, ended up getting a “special agent” at the regional office, but nope, “Our person says she placed it in the mailbox on [whatever date it was]” and that was that. Her word over mine.
Pissed me off, and when I checked around I found out this is the case more often than not. One person I know and trust on Facebook saw the mail person drop a box containing an expensive decanter and and when she opened it and it was broken she filed a claim and the USPS guy said it must have been that way when he delivered it- she got nothing.

You do not need to do this. The seller must resend or refund. they will make the insurance claim.

Amazon locker is just as useless. There are about 5 near me, and I try them one-by-one and they are all “Full” or my packages are too “big” to deliver to Amazon locker.

There should be giant Amazon lockers EVERYWHERE. I wish I could get a bank of them installed here at work.

Or no surveillance cameras?

I’d be taking this issue up with whoever manages the property.

We have no package box (not that it would stop the thieves) and no cameras in my building. It was built in the 80’s and they’ve never installed any of that shit, not even after having one of the side doors bashed in several times within a two month span a couple of years back.

Fedex and UPS deliver straight to the office, which is directly across from the mailboxes at the front door, so those are far more dependable.

The USPS has an optional “My USPS” service that allows you to get information about incoming packages. You may be able to request that the package be “held for pickup” at the post office.

Since I moved to the Bronx, I have lost 4 packages delivered via the USPS. I have lost none from UPS, FEDEX, and the assorted other delivery services in this area. The packages I do receive I either have to go down to the office of no-point-in-going and listen to some personification of every form of misery scream at me promises of laziness and stupidity, or I have to watch every step of the delivery process with a level of hypervigilance unmatched by any soldier patrolling inside enemy territory.

On the other hand, all the other services just leave the package behind my house like I asked them to.

All the people talking about UPS leaving notices are completely full of shit or are posting from 15 years ago. But probably just habitually full of shit. I guess there is also the possibility of being some savage beast that has a job with the USPS. Anyway, no matter what the reason you feel the need to lie, please stop posting on the internet.