Fuck Being Polite

I also continue to hope that a balance will be achieved, but I fear that the kind people are too damn nice to kill off enough assholes to reach the goal.

Maybe the toxic folks will fail to breed, since they tend to drive off any prospects.

In other words, like you said.

I am SO distressed by your discomfitur, Please allow me to apologize on behalf of ALL Americans for any unfairly positive treatment you have received.

I assure you, in the future we will try to do worse.

You may find an environment more to your liking in New York City. But for heaven’s sake stay out of the Midwest, and in the South please restrict yourself to Country Western bars. They may start polite, but for a visitor like you they’ll get ugly real fast.

Okay. Polite=untrustworthy.
So, Person Who Sincerely Pistol-Whips You For Your Wallet=better.

Social Graces=bad.

Drooling Asshat Who Jerks Off In Public And Kicks Kittens=better.

You would honestly prefer a society composed of assholes with no manners to the opposite, because you think politeness always masks insincerity? Huh. I’m normally very polite, but I promise, if we ever meet, I will be be as rude to you as possible.

Dickless piss-drinking bunnyfucker.

That shirt you’re wearing makes you look fat.

It’s not the shirt.

Must be the hat.

Dickless? Bunnyfucker?

How is this possible?


Bless your heart, El Gaucho. I just hate to see a guest feeling unhappy. Could I get you a cold drink? Oh, no. I’m sorry. That’s offensive to you.

Could I urinate on your foot for you? Or perhaps have Jimbo take the dog out and have him defecate in the front seat of your car?

Darn it, I still just can’t get it right. I’m used to trying to do what makes my guests comfortable and happy, but you obviously don’t want me offering you these options.

Here, let’s try this: ::: swift kick in the nads :::

Hope you enjoyed it! Have a nice day! Come back and see us some time… uhhh, I mean, get the hell out of here, you moron!

*Dickless? Bunnyfucker? *

How is this possible?
That’s what strap-ons are for.

Strap On! Apply directly to the crotch!

Strap On! Apply directly to the crotch!

Strap On! Apply directly to the crotch!

[hijack]Carl Corey! You a Zelazny fan by any chance?[/hijack]

I like ‘bunnyfucker’. It has a certain resonance. Perhaps the bunny is fucking him?


Yup. It was the best thing I could come up with that wasn’t completely lame or borderline offensive.

I would like to request, kind sir, that you remove your cranium from your rectum. I do believe this will improve your outlook on life. Thank you ever so much. Toodles!

Well, ya had me snorting into my coffee, bub!

Senor Grounchipants, take a flying leap, please. Thanks.

I’ve seen this type of thinking before. There are people in the world who are stupid. Some of them seem to have an odd combination of stupidity and arrogance that leads them to the conclusion that all the stuff they don’t know doesn’t really exist, that the concepts they don’t understand and mental processes they can’t perform aren’t really there: they float along in a special impregnable bubble of ignorance and stupidity because they’ve convinced themselves that what the rest of the world recognizes as intelligence, education and erudition, is really just some trick being played to demean them. When you have a group that not only is stupid but has taught itself (and its children) to hate anything to do with being smart, you’ve reached the point where education is not the answer.

Similarly, when you have an asshole who has convinced himself that there’s no such thing as a nice, decent person who honestly and willingly treats others well, you’ve got hold of someone who’s convinced himself that politeness is just a trick that he’s just too damn smart to fall for. He won’t even reciprocate kindness because that would be allowing himself to be “manipulated” by the deceitful actions of someone else.

In short, someone like this is either dangerously out of step with the healthy and normal development of a social species, or someone posing as such, knowledgeably or in ignorance. If the former (unlikely), there’s no hope except that the authorities soon catch up with him. Best bet for the latter (my choice) is a confused kid who got hold of some Ayn Rand when he should have been reading Twain. If so, he deserves a little sympathy along with the sandpapering. Yes, El Gaucho, there is a Miss Manners…

The OP comes awfully close to pure trolling in the sense that it invites abuse and defines anything else as dishonest and therefore worthy of attack. Nonetheless, the issue comes up often enough to make it worth the thread.

Oh yeah!!! Well… shf… mwh… ff… YOU SUCK!!! And so’s your mother!*
All kidding aside, that was sublimely wise and articulated, Soup.

Hey You!, I’m almost too old to see your footnote, and way too old to catch myself before posting foolishly. So quit that, ya’ whipper-snappering-punk™.

I wish it were not so, but there are more and more children today who are being instructed to shun strange thoughts the way they used to be taught to shun strange men in trenchcoats. Critical thinking takes a back seat to a litany of dogmas, repeated faithfully but never subjected to any rigorous analysis. Belief was separated from knowledge 500 years ago, and it’s wrong that the two should so easily be conflated now.

Oh, my. That’s stunning. I believe that’s the finest insult I’ve seen in a week! I mean, “dickless piss-drinking bunnyfucker” was pretty cool, but it pales next to “clip rod dust fuck!” The single syllables even give it a punchy, Korean feel. :cool:

That poor guy is bunnyfucked!