Fuck Being Polite

I’m sick of people in America being polite to me all the time. This kind of action makes me think Americans cannot be trusted. Bless you? Excuse me?

Sometimes when people are assholes it is easier to know where they are coming from, what they think, etc.

I’d rather meet someone with less then standard social graces then one who has mastered them all.

When I’m driving, and the right of way is yours, why wave a hand at me and chivelrously tell me to go first? Do you want me to accidently ram your car? And then apologize?

Shit, I thought school was already back in.

that means…what the fuck are you trying to say?

You obviously haven’t fucking come across me yet.

I ALWAY have “right-of-way”. Just fucking try me.

El Graucho, methinks you need to email the admins regarding the typo.

Come to Canada, asshole. You’ll learn the benefits of a polite society.

Good observation. It’s hard to be an asshole actually, because you get a lot of judgement for it. Hence all the faux-politeness. But of course it’s a ruse. We’re all in it for ourselves and know it.

At least you can trust an asshole to be an asshole, and that’s worth something.

Wow. Thanks for re-affirming that for me. I admit I’ve been slipping and not telling enough people what I really think lately. I’ll be going back on the straight and narrow now.

That’s not polite, that’s stupid and dangerous. It’s also disingenuous to label the behavior as polite.

As you may have noticed, you will fit right in on the SDMB.

Fuck you, asswipe,

I’m sorry that that offends you, and if I’ve ever accidentally been polite to you, I most humbly apologize and will try to be ruder in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I think the OP should find a post that bitches about how all American’s are assholes, open this thread and that thread in separate browser windows, and then shove his monitor up his ass.

Fucking fucktard.

(bolding mine)

You obviously included grammar and spelling when you lowered your standards. :rolleyes:

Manners and social graces are part of the veneer that civilization demands so that we may all co-exist.

He’s trying to say that the brain-dead, trollish nature of your post leads him to believe that you’re an immature fuckwit, of primary school age, who won’t be able to post once classes start.

That made me laugh out loud.

I’m usually polite because it feels good to make people smile. It actually makes ME feel good to do something nice for someone else, no matter how small.

So, by being polite to you, I’m really being a selfish fuck. Understand now? :slight_smile:

If it’s any partial consolation, I’m polite to anyone who can beat me up or have me fired. The rest of everybody better watch out!

(Me extend traffic courtesy to someone driving a less expensive car than mine? As fucking if!)

Visit England you snot nosed little twerp.

No, actually, I do it so *I *can ram *your *car, tell the responding police officer that you cut me off and I couldn’t stop in time, and then sue your ass sideways so you spend the rest of your working life supporting my expensive vices.

I make over $75,000 a year in annuities from my successful lawsuits.

Still think I’m so polite, you clip rod dust fuck?

First of all, the conditions you cite are not unique to America.

Second of all, the situations you cite are not all instances of being polite. You are confusing a combination of polite behavior, social customs, courtesy, consideration and kindness (and possibly one instance of poor driving ability) with some sort of inherent insincerity. That when people perform acts of kindness, that they’re doing it to claim some sort of moral high ground rather than actually being kind. There are kind people in the world. Thank god. One day they’ll start balancing out the selfish assholes who outnumber them.

Human beings are emotional animals as well as social ones. Meaning we tend to need one another for reasons ranging from practical (I have to buy this thing from you) to emotional (I want to have a friend). Your demeanor has an effect — to varying degrees — on those around you. Taken to extremes, if your attitude is typically selfish or rude, you’re going to alienate those around you and getting cooperation from others will be an ongoing struggle. Healthy relationships will evaporate until the only people you have in your life will be those who are forced to be around you, or those people who have too little self-esteem to ditch your toxic ass.

I do concede that there are segments and cultures that are polite to a fault. I work at a place that tends to drift into this other extreme. Some folks here tend to be overly sensitive, sugar-coat what they are trying to say as to avoid offending and have a hard time dealing with criticism. That’s not healthy either. The ideal is to strike a balance.

And if you can’t see that, you’re a miserable waste of ejaculate, you fucking fuck. :smiley: