Ask the complete and total asshole!

Antisocial, ignorant, boorish, narcissistic, crude, rude, lewd, cruel and generally unsavory advice cheerfully offered. Come one, come all: I’m an open book. An open book of assholitude.

How many puppies/nuns have you kicked today?

Do you ever get tired of all the people telling you to smile, or ask why you are so cranky all the time?

How do you feel about getting your picture taken and asked to smile?

Drivers, in general, how do you feel about them?

Holidays? Blessing or curse?

Why did you post this in IMHO?

All the other “Ask me?” threads are in MPSIMS.

Or is it because you are an asshole?

I kicked two nuns…while wearing puppies as shoes. :mad:

Why are you an asshole? Why can’t you just be nice?

So what kind of benefits does Air Canada provide?

I’m not cranky, I’m an asshole. There’s a difference. I smile all the damned time.

I don’t really see them as drivers, but as moving annoyances and road hazards.

Depends on which holiday. Arbor Day, for example, can kiss my ass.

We prefer “iconoclast.”

“Can’t?” Just like a chick to assume it’s a question of whether I can or can’t. :rolleyes: :mad:

You talking to me? :mad:

What is wrong with women? I mean like, really, you know? What’s their deal?

How can I become more like you (I think I’m halfway there)?

Do you ever feel guilty about being an asshole? Do you wish you could change your personality so that you wouldn’t be?

The reason I ask is that I am not an asshole but I am a prick and I often feel guilty about it. Changing such a big part of your personality is hard though.

(Please don’t swear at me in your reply. It is an honest question.)

Your mom.

Same question for men!

Moved from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Hey, buddy, what…you think you run this place?!? :mad:

Hey, men are easy, all they want is beer and hoochie coo, and maybe feed them once in a while.

Shitty. 2 1/2 times my annual pay in the event of my death, payable as one lump sum to the beneficiary/ies of my choice. I intend to name the Westboro Baptist Church, just to leave the planet a little shittier than I found it. :mad: