Fuck F*ck.

Too lame for anywhere else, but who the hell can’t figure out those half-assed censoring attempts by facebookers, blogs, boards, or edgy product marketing to justify using “naughty words” by replacing the vowels with asterisks.

I get that some forums censor words automatically, but I’m talking about the originator thinking “Gee, I want to say ‘Fuck’ here, but people would find that too offensive. So I’ll just type ‘F*ck.’”

That doesn’t make it a different word, like it’s some PG-13 version of the word “fuck”. And any kid over 7 years old can figure that shit out, so you’re not really protecting any innocence either.

Gd dmn, stop that fcking shit. Swear normal, you’re wasting asterisks, but most importantly, you’re annoying me in a very trivial way.

Shait? Sheit? Shlit? Shoit? Shrit?:slight_smile:

Bcause, as any Wh**l of Fortne addct knows, vwls can be vry expnsve (well, cnsonnts too) while astrisks are plentful nd vry cheap. They grw on trees, yu knw.

Shut the f*ck up>> cout? Does that apply?

You got a problem with fsck?

Fuck you you fucking censoring fuckheads. Quit wasting asterisks.


The worst example of this was all the “F*ck tuition fees” shirts/buttons I saw people wearing around campus.

I just want to take this opportunity to say:
FUCK you people who can’t take seeing swear words.

I fucking agree completely. I don’t mind as much things like typing out “f-ing” “effing” “frickin” etc. But the asterisks annoy me a whole lot more for some reason. Shit or get off the pot, but it’s unattractive to go pause halfway because you are unsure which way to go.

I don’t get what people are thinking pussy footing around fucking swear words.

And, there really does seem to be some mentality of, “Oh, whew, they used an asterisk. Now it seems less crude and more cute!”

I think this deserves some psychological studies.

I blame the prudery censors (sensors, too) at work. And don’t get me started on WebSense…



I was thinking how when I was young, “fuck” and “cunt” were used when you were really really moved. Now that I just saw “motherfucker” in the latest New Yorker (discussing when those words first appeared in that publication), I realize we have no words that express such strong emotion.

I suggest "!?#$@!"


Yeh, but, I keep looking around for the footnotes.

This post is like reading House of Leaves.

*e, ee, u, i, o, e, e, e, i, o, a, e, i [sic], i, a, e, o, o, o.

Do I mind self-censoring?

He** no!!

(Of course I censored “Heck no” as I don’t believe in swearing; even in my own head.)