Fuck IndyCar racing!

Warning: Gratuitous use of the word Fuck!

I don’t give a shit about Goddamn Dancing with the Fucking Stars partners, or fucking driver’s wives, or commercials every fucking 3 minutes featuring fucking Danica Fucking Patrick for Go Fucking Daddy Dot Fucking Com! I especially don’t give a fuck about Ashley Fucking Judd and any Goddamn thing that comes out (or in) of her fucking mouth! And where did you get those glasses? Are those the ones Yoko Fucking Ono thought were ugly and didn’t buy?

If I could have changed the channel, I would have, racecars notwithstanding. Why is racing and its coverage so fucking insipid in this country?

Is that like an Indi Film?

Oh comon. You know you want to buy some fat heads.

You didn’t say “Fuck!”, Goddammit!

There was a race today? I was busy watching football.

I have to admit, I’ve never given it much thought, but it does sound intriguing. Some of them must be pretty hot…

Well there was. Dario Franchitti won over Scott Dixon when the latter ran out of gas on the last lap, and the last turn. The IRL’s champion will not be defending his title next year because he’ll be driving for NASCAR.

I hope he didn’t have to go to high school with that name. Ouch.

Playing to their audience? :stuck_out_tongue:

first ducks, then runs

He did. In Scotland, apparently.

You *have * heard of Ashley Judd, haven’t you? And yes, driver’s wives do tend toward the hot side anyway.

Actually, I hadn’t. :rolleyes: (this is more of an “embarrassed” rolleye than a “yeah, I fucking know-it-all” rolleye)

She can just shut he ugly fucking fat open face right the fuck up! And stuff those goddamn ugly glasse right the fuck up her festering asshole!

So, who is she, anyway? Not that I care, with glasses up her ass, and all…

Don’t know anything about the race, except that Dario Franchitti won because somebody ran out of gas, excuse me, fuel.
Family members were there, but they didn’t come back here after, so I didn’t hear any more than that, except that it was a good race.

The only thing I really have to say is that nobody with a name like Dario Franchitti should sound like he does. Surprises me every single time he opens his mouth.

Okay, back to your rant now, go ahead.

Well, to be honest, it’s just cars driving in circles. You need the insipid crap as filler between crashes.

err, fuck.

Yeah, NASCAR and NASCAR Lite (IRL) have turned into professional wrestling. They’ve got the trash talk, the off-track feuds, the lovely manager/wives pulling each others’ hair, the whole nine. It’s disgusting. When there’s no crash to show a billion times from a billion angles they think they have to spice it up or lose their audience so they go to that shit. It’s just like going to a baseball game. Remember when you were a kid and you went to a baseball game, at breaks in the game you could talk to your friends, relax, grab a dog, whatever? Now, they have to entertain you every single fucking second of the game. In between innings there’s a fucking three-legged race between kids from the fucking orphanage, or some dipshit male cheerleader launching free t-shirts into the stands, or fucking hot dogs racing on the jumbotron, or a drawing for a free flight and three nights in a hotel anywhere you want to go, of course all presented at 200 fucking decibels and of course always sponsored by a local slippery-as-shit car dealership, the scumbag owner of which is always there plugging his damn business while he gives the winning orphans a trophy and a gift certificate to the fucking water park, which by the way is also a sponsor.
Sorry about the hijack, I didn’t think I was going to get that worked up.

Well, this is the classic Ashley Judd picture - she is fairly well known as a fan of Kentucky athletics. You can take a look at her IMDB page if you’re looking for something more recent - when she’s not showing up at her husband’s races or her alma mater’s games, she finds time to do some acting here and there.

(Though, as a trivia sort of thing, she actually didn’t have a degree from UK while she was picking up her rep as a super-fan - she dropped out a few credits short of a diploma the first time around, and just picked it up earlier this year. Those damn acting careers!)