Fuck it. blueslipper: I choose YOU! (To be Pitted for the shopkeep with tats thead)

Step up, guestie guest, onto this spot which I have marked with an X, if you will. Just hold still a moment, this won’t hurt a bit, eventually.

I want to be absolutely clear about what’s pissing me off. It’s not that you’re a whiny little git who probably masturbates so much he’s become feeble-minded (they have a word for that in Greek, you know). You have the right to be somebody I’d rather eat glass than break bread and chill with.

It’s not that you think people with facial piercings and unusual hairstyles are repulsive and disgusting, or that it bothered you enough to start a thread about it. Like I said in that thread, I find fake fingernails disgusting. Everybody has a pet peeve. Most people don’t blame it on the source.

It is partly that you don’t seem to realize it’s your problem, yeah. But mostly it’s that you shoved your way into the happy little tea party at MPSIMS and decided we were all on your fucking side. You could slag off the freaks freely, because surely there were none in the room, and surely everyone would agree with you. We’d all resoundingly chime in to tut-tut the vicious attack on civilization that a bit of titanium and some Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink represents.

Unless…unless you knew it was inflammatory. Iin which case you put it in very much the wrong forum. There’s only two reasons you might have done that, and I’m not allowed to mention one of them, but I honestly don’t think it applies here. The other is that it just didn’t occur to you.

And that, Snooty McSnobbo, is why I’ve dragged you to the Pit where you belong. Because anybody so closed off in their own puny brain that it doesn’t occur to them to wonder if their prissy little snitfits might be a result of their inability to adjust to changing fashions and not the world’s slipping standards needs to get a little fucking perspective by fire.

I’ll right, I’m done, hop on the Enormous Iron Spike of Correction. I’ll strap this Helmet of Piercing on your face and warm up the UltraNeedle3000 so we can get started on that bodysuit. And baby, we won’t be done til you’re ONE OF US…ONE OF US…ONE OF US…

I second this pit.

I’m sick of the trend of “OMG, I saw someone who’s physical appearance doesn’t jibe exactly with my ideal. I am so offended” trend. I can’t imagine what life must be like walking around constantly being “grossed out” and “horrified” at every bra strap and midriff and piercing. I assure you life is much, much more pleasant on the other side, where you don’t worry too much about people that aren’t you and look for the best in the people you interact with- fashion choices and all.

Overreact much?

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. If that means that they don’t want to be served by someone who looks like they came out of a freakshow, more power to them. I don’t get what the big deal is. The place where I work occasionally employs a guy who has big hoops IN his ears (in other words, he stretched out the holes and now you can see through them). He has mutilated himself for life, and if that’s what he wants, good for him. But not everybody is into that sort of thing. I’m not, and it took me a while to get past that. Some people never will and will take their business elsewhere. If the boss is OK with that, then what difference does it make? When he goes out to get a real job, we’ll see how easy it is for him. It won’t be, not at all. But hey, it’s his ears.

This is much ado about nothing, as usual. Someone makes a choice, someone doesn’t agree with it, and then everybody dogpiles on the person for their discrimination. Yawn.

Wanna play?

In other words, everyone’s entitled to their opinion unless you think too many other people have that opinion, or you think their opinion is boring.

You know what Harlan Ellison said? “Everyone’s entitled to an informed opinion.”

In other words, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Period. Don’t try to parse my words or make shit up.

Don’t try to parse your words? Are you fucking kidding?

No, I’m not. What I said did not in any way resemble what you tried to make it sound like I said with your “In other words…” comment.

You know what? I’m getting sick of this shit.

So many dopers on these forums are so openminded that they’ve done a complete one-eighty right back to the old mentality of burning people who don’t agree with them. This whole culture of “You have to be completely accepting of all lifestyles, or you are slime” is completely irrational and just plain stupid. Can we cut the white, suburban liberal guilt now?

To say this OP is lame would be a complement. Not only did your vacuous attempt to write an eloquent and humorous roasting serve to make you look like an idiot, but the fact that your post is sixteen times longer than the post you’re pitting serves only to show that you have way too much time and have thought about this way too much.

You know what? I agree with the pittee. Piercings and mohawks in a business setting are unprofessional. Go ahead… call the P.C. police on me now.

Seriously, back off. Let the man (or woman) have a fucking opinion, okay? That goes for both the OP and even sven.

Sorry. My guild is OK with gays and pierced freaks of nature, but it draws the line at quick-to-take-offense overwrought incoherent drama queens.

He also wrote for The Flying Nun you know…
The quotes I like from him:


;j <------ Demon (with a glass hand, don’t you know)

Oh goody! You do wanna play!

Don’t read well, do you? Let me ask you a simple question: what is my beef with Snooty McSnobby, in twenty words or fewer? Is it that he thinks facial piercings are unprofessional? Hint: No.

Damnit, posted too soon again. I’ll have my typist whipped.

Y’all need to get an emergency stickectomy. My OP is “well thought out” and “incoherent”? I understand I’m the only one around here who thinks I’m funny, but are you seriously reading genuine rage in my post? The Spike of Correction? Snooty McSnobbo? Tod Browning references? It’s no joke thread, I mean what I say, but do I really seem like I’m curled up in a ball, clutching my hair and weeping over this pissant? Or do you fuckers just have a very limited bag of tricks to pull your bullshit from?

It’s because he dared to offer a dissenting opinion in your “happy little tea party at MPSIMS”. What do I win?

Wrong. It’s that he didn’t even realize it was a dissenting opinion.

I didn’t get that impression at all. In fact, the OP seemed to have been worded with the understanding that a fair portion of responders wouldn’t agree.

Um, where in the reference thread did you find blueslipper “deciding we were all on his/her fucking side?”

Blueslipper made three posts in that thread:

Tell me where, pray tell that he/she is assuming that everyone is on his/her side?

So… I don’t win anything? Shit. I never win anything.