Fuck PayPal…

I was checking my credit card statement last night when I discovered an unpleasant surprise…

A $999.99 charge to PayPal in California…


I never use PayPal, well rarely, the last purchase through them was at least 5 years ago, and for less than $15, I just don’t use PayPal

A quick call to my credit card company cleared up my questions, they had already caught and reversed the charge, credit to appear on my next statement, but they had no details on the transaction itself, suggesting I call PayPal

…I did, but got no info from them either, other than it was an individual in California, and the charge had indeed been reversed, I changed my password, and activated a security code keycard, but other than that, they were very unhelpful

I want the name and address of this scumbag so I can press charges, I want him to burn, heck, I want him to DIE! fucking scammer deserves nothing better, but no, stupid PayPal won’t release the i.d. of a fucking criminal

Fuck 'em both with a rusty chainsaw

Tonight, I’m going one step further and CANCELLING MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY!

You fuck up this much, and be unhelpful to boot, you lose my business for good, the trust is irreparably destroyed, so go fuck yourself, PayPal

…this is one of the reasons I have steadfastly REFUSED to link my checking account with scum/scampal

Goodbye and good riddance, fuckers

Yah, I just had the same thing happen. Now, PayPal was quite helpful to me and even told me the name of the person who had recieved my ‘donation’. FWIW, the scammer in my case got my credit card number and set up a fake e-mail address/PayPal account on the card. Quick phone call, everything reversed, blah, blah, blah.

And so, I have the culprits name and I can do…what, exactly? He’s in Ontario - it’s not like I’m going to travel there to kick him in the dick or something. Shit, it’s $100 that I got back as soon as I notified the CC.

Contact the Ontario cops, or the RCMP.

You can’t honestly believe that you’re the only person he’s tried this with? It might only be $100, but he might be doing it with dozens of even hundreds of individuals, and if everyone just shrugs when they find out who he is, he’ll never be caught.

Good luck with that (seriously, I wish you luck). I hate PayPal and wish people wouldn’t use them (VISA works perfectly fine for any purchases I want to make over the internet, with reliable security to boot), but some people insist on using these scammers.

My credit card just expired, so I’m taking this opportunity to leave my expired credit card number with PayPal and hope I never have to update it.

Twisted PayPal’s arm and got the following info;

“purchaser” (assuming they are the actual scumbags and not some poor sucker used as a false front or drop off site) is from Dorchester mass and is about an hour and a half away…
He tried to purchase a laptop from an eBay store in California

Now I need to contact my local law enforcement and go after the scumbag

…and yes, out of curiosity I did look up the address in google maps, and am trying to find his phone number…

Am I right in thinking this could be interstate fraud, a federal crime? I want this scammer to go down, hard

As far as I’m concerned, criminals have NO rights, they gave them up when they committed the crime

I’ve been dealing with something similar regarding Discover. Someone managed to get a World of Warcraft sub with my card number and, I assume, bought $100 worth of gear. Both of which were debited from my checking account via Discover.

I believe what you should do is kick him in the balls/testicles, not the dick.

That large an amount should have set off bells at the CC company; surprised they didn’t call you, rather than the other way around.

Myself I use Pay Pal for many small items and keep a running balance of $100 or so; saves paying off credit cards each month and it sure is faster on checkout…no filling out forms, etc.

I’ve only used PayPal for 3 or 4 years, so I don’t have too much experience but I’ve not had a problem with them…yet.

I’m right down the street from Dorchester. Let me know if you want me to go kick someone in the dick or something.

Yeah, but kick and dick rhyme, which makes it funnier.

I’m pretty sure guys don’t want to get kicked in the dick, either.

As much as I enjoy a well crafted “petty” revenge fantasy, I think I can get more effective results by letting the Law handle the prosecution and punishment of mr. Scambag, as what I’d really like to do to this scumbag is not appropriate to discuss in public forums

Additional… the victimized credit card number has been removed from the PayPal database, there is now NO payment forms associated with the account, in the highly improbable event of the account being compromised again, it’d do the scammer no good, as there is no financial info there anymore

I don’t give them my credit card number. Any transaction comes out of my checking account. You can further limit access by transferring cash into the account prior to purchasing an item.

Using a checking account for PayPal means that someone can drain all the money out of it, and the bank will just shrug and say “sucks to be you”. Using a credit card means that you have more legal protections.

I almost never use PayPal. I don’t think I’ve used it this year, in fact. I used to shop on eBay, now I don’t, even though there’s things that I’d like to buy.


I was really in the mood to cut a bitch, but…whatevs.

Actually Master Card said they would be persuing legal remedies so I was going to leave it with them.

To be fair, the dude in Ontario recieve the donation - I don’t actually know if he’s the one who set up the fake account and ran the scam. For one thing, my card was never out of my posession so I don’t know how some dude from Ontario got the number anyway - I assume from some online purchase I made.

I don’t know how my Discover number ended up with Blizzard. I haven’t used the thing in about two years.

Well exactly - I haven’t used PayPal in years and never with the affected card. It was all very odd.

More fucking red tape…

Call my town PD, they say call Dorchester as that’s where scambag lives and he’s the criminal
Call Dorchester, they say to drive down to Boston and make a police report there, I reiterate that I’m from Maine and never go to massachusets (I HATE the fucking place), he sticks to the “go to Boston” line
Call Boston, they say to call my local PD!
I tell them I contacted my PD first, the officer hems and haws then gives me a phone number that might work for out of state fraud reports…

FUCK! anyone got a spare nuke I could borrow?

The PayPal/Citibank angle wasn’t any better

Call Citibank, they say that since I “gave permission” for PayPal to use my credit card, they can’t prosecute scambag, and to take it up with PayPal
Call PayPal, they say that all they will do is the refund they’ve already done, and they won’t prosecute scambag, they don’t prosecute “minor transactions”, excuse me?!? I don’t think a nearly $1000 fraudulent transaction is exactly a “minor” transaction…

“oh, but if we followed up on every minor fraud…”
EXCUSE ME!?! you’re a fucking FINANCIAL INSTITUTION! that’s your JOB!, assholes

Time to go up the chain at PayPal, I’m going straight to their president if need be, I’m not letting this drop…