Fuck Sears

I know I am bringing nothing new to the table, but I need to vent.


Why do you give us an EIGHT AND A HALF HOUR window of when we can expect a technician to come to our home, and still not make it in that time? Was 8-4:30 just not working out for you? And why Sears, when we call you at 4:45 to ask when we can expect your quality service man to come to our home, you tell us they will call us within 15-20 minutes when they seem to have no intent to?

I know you used to be a wonderful store, we bought all of our appliances from you when we bought the house 10 years ago. And when we needed to replace the microwave, we went nuts and got your super high end one with a convection oven that should also provide oral treats (not the food kind) for what we paid.

I understand replacing a light bulb doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this is the 4th one in 2 years, so maybe, if you can be arsed to show up, you can actually look at the root of the problem? I doubt it since your monkeys cannot even figure out time management. We are very hit and miss on the service plans we buy, this and our hi-def tv (free DLP bulb replacement makes that a deal) are about it, and maybe you hate coming to our house, but guess what assfucks, we hate you coming out too.

In the meantime, I will shed no tears when your stores go the way of Circuit City, Sharper Image, Wilson Leather, Talbots, Bombay, Levits, Piercing Pagoda, Linens and Things, and Pacific Sunware.

Eat a bag of dicks,
Former Sears Customer

I was going to post something snarky and acutely sarcastic.

Then I read your signature and busted up. Well done, sir. Bags of dicks indeed. :smiley:

Wait - Talbots is gone? 'cause I was just shopping at one a couple of weeks ago.

And there’s a PacSun in my mall.

Sears definitely sucks, and has for a long time. How they manage to stay afloat I have no idea.

As long as Sears has Craftsman tools and the Craftsman warranty (if it breaks, ever, for any reason, bring it in for a free replacement), it’s OK in my book.

Here at the shelter, where we’re pinching pennies constantly, we had a fridge go out on us earlier this year. We bought that fridge in 2002. It was a Kenmore. It had $2000 worth of clinic supplies inside that all had to be replaced.

3 months later, our employee shared fridge decided to pack it in too. Guess what? A Kemore, manufactured in 2002.

Two Kenmores, both made in the same year, different models. When I have a blasted Whirlpool or somesuch in my apartment that’s older than me! I can’t kill the thing, as much as I’ve tried, and the shelter I work for has had to shell out $700 this year for 2 new fridges?!

Yeah, Fuck Sears, allright.

Frigidaire better do better by us is all I’m sayin’.


check out the quality of the tool they replace your broken one with… craftsman used to be a respected brand… now it just a stamp on who ever can be contracted to produce it the cheapest…sas for their power tools… ure they will trade your broken wrench with a new one… which will break the first time you use it

As for their power tools… even worse

the solidly built electric drill you bought in 1985 now gets replaced with their “market equivelent” which is built to have a duty life of less than 20 hours. They are betting that most of their customers won’t bother tp get a replacement…

Please note that no real profesionals use “Craftsman” as they are no longer a reliable brand.


It might be me - I buy most of my clothes there (I know; I’m so hawt). That and mail-order - their mail-order is still pretty kick-ass.

Must. Remember. This.

You call a company repairman to replace a light bulb? There must be something more that I’m not understanding about this.

I don’t know about you, but even with my extensive knowledge of electronic hardware, I’m not about to change the light bulb in my LCD TV by myself.

I believe the OP was referring to something similar.

Buying a major appliance seems to be a pain in the ass no matter where you get it. I bought a gas dryer from Best Buy a few years ago (specifically NOT using Sears because of a previous experience like the OP’s), and they sent the installation guys BEFORE the delivery. The dryer actually showed up 20 minutes after the install techs left (after waiting around for about 40 minutes while I was on the phone with customer service, bless them). And when I called to reschedule the installation, they tried to not only push me off for a week (um, no), but to charge me for a “service call” for the “second” installation. (um, FUCK NO). Fuckers.

I was a contractor at Sears when K-mart took over. I think that’s the root of the problem. As a wise autistic man once said, “K-mart sucks.”

I think most use Snap On.

It’s the same think with cable service. They say you can expect them some time from 8:00am to 4:00pm. What am I supposed to do? Not go to work and sit around all day?

All service sucks anymore. It’s the Wal-Mart mentality. Pay 10 cents more, but get full service and most customers bail on you.

Sears tries to keep up with a skeleton crew, but it still isn’t working…

It’s like some crazy ass $30 light bulb. It’s easy enough to get to, but if we paid for the extended warranty, fuck if I’m going to drop the change to replace a bulb (for what is now the third time) when it can be done for free. This is especially true when the repairman said on the last trip out that touching the bulb will get oils on it to burn it out faster. Sounds like a crock, I don’t know, but I’m not going to take the chance.

If it’s a halogen bulb, it’s true. As I remember, the oils on your hand produces hot spots on the bulb, which leads to an early demise.

That’s not a crock, it’s definitely true for hot bulbs.

Many years ago, back in my high school theatre lighting group, this was very true for the high intensity stage lights. We had to hold the bulbs in the paper sleeve when installing them into the lights, and wipe them off with a rag if you touched the glass. And we could tell if you didn’t; instead of lasting a few hundred hours, they would burn out within weeks. And often the glass envelope would be distorted, with a big bubble where someones skin had touched the bulb.

But those were special, 500- 750-watt stage light bulbs. People say the same thing about household light bulbs, but I don’t think they get hot enough for this to really have a significant effect.

My husband has taken them up on the Forever Warranty twice…on tools that were purchased in the early 60s. They say they don’t carry that item anymore and he says then they need to substitute something similar and they say they need to talk to a manager. He always walks out with a new tool. Awesome warranty.