Fuck that!

Yeah! Fuck that!


Fuck it!

I am sorry - need to rant - will possibly provide reasons later. In the mean time fell free to join me.

Fuck it!

Fuckin hey!

Our apartment manager told me this morning that she can have the torn carpet in our living room/main hallway replaced, but it will require that I be responsible for removing all the furniture from the living room.

Lessee, sofa, love seat, stereo cabinet, china cabinet, piano, computer desk, dining table, CD cabinet, end tables, speakers . . . all told, upwards of a ton of stuff to move to Og-knows-where for Og-knows-how-long . . .

Fuck that!

This seems apropos.


I fucked your mom!

Meh. Fuck this.

Fuck them! Those fuckin’ fucks!

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