It MAY be time to rant a bit... (Minirants)

My rant is more of a whine :

Dearest husband, will you please try not to spend every dime we have coming in before we actually get it???

Lovely wife, just because you THOUGHT you told me something doesn’t mean I heard you.

What is he spending all the money on?

Are #1 and #2 married to each other?


Stuff that can wait until our current (and temporary) financial upheaval settles down again. Now is not the time to spend 5k on a new server when the old one is chugging along well enough. It’ll do for 3 more months.

:smiley: Not so far as I know!

Sounds like a case of misaligned priorities. If you have A Talk about all this, try to make it less about the server itself (that money’s already spent anyway) and more about what you both consider to be a priority, and how you’ll both triage your money until things ease up – and communicate that triage with each other.

It really was just a whine.

He hasn’t spent it yet and he will wait, but there’s always something he wants Right Now, and we’ve had many, many money triage talks. It gets old, that’s all.

Judging from all the charges to “Ashley Madison,” he must really have a thing for Zingers.

It’s funny how perspectives change.

My idea, at least in recent years, of “shit I can’t afford” is a hundred bucks at a restaurant. Or even thirty.

Having five grand to even consider spending on *anything *sounds like complete financial security to me these days.

Wow, you guys are really into tennis.

Yes, Mr Superintendent, I get that the teacher muttered a racially insensitive phrase* during a staff meeting. I get that the teacher is not tenured. But did you really need to can her ass with 7 weeks left in the year? This is my son’s third teacher this year who’s been replaced by a long term sub (1 pregnancy, 1 new job), I’m getting tired of explaining why adults just leave with little or no notice.

I’m also wondering how the two upcoming play productions (the big project of the year for these K-2 kids) are going to proceed without a choreographer. Shit, don’t you have some kind of humiliating sensitivity training you can make her take, so she never says something stupid like this again? Or, just don’t renew her for next year?

I feel like the kids (and some of her coworkers) are getting screwed over to account for one adult saying a stupid thing within earshot of another adult.

The fireable phrase in question? When is white history month? Have to spoil it so nobody accidentally reads such filth.

“Your teacher left they are a bad person” doesn’t seem like it should be all that tiring to say. K2’s probably too young to go into what subtle racism actually is like. “Bad person” will suffice. Maybe “Bad person who didn’t play well with others” to drive the point home.

And hell yes, she should have been fired.* Sic semper* racists.

Yeah, I’m ok with the firing. I’ve never met someone who asked that question (non-ironically) who wasn’t a racist idiot. Why would you want them teaching in schools?

I’ve got an anti-rant! (reverse-rant? averted rant?)

I was buying just 2 items at the grocery store this morning, so I went to the express cash. You know how those of us at the express cash get angry at those fellow customers who either can’t read or can’t count, and try to go through the express cash with a whole cartful of items? Well, such a guy was behind me in the line, with many items in his cart, and the express-cash cashier actually told him to go to another cash!

The guy with the full cart was behind me in line, so it didn’t actually directly affect me, but I’m sure the people in line behind the guy were grateful.

People who use LOL in business communications should be summarily executed for the good of society.

Nope. The lovely Mrs. BDog and I have differences of opinions on many things but finance isn’t one of them.
While I do sometimes refer to her as “She who Shops Too Much” she is very diligent at bargain hunting to the point where she will tell me not to buy her X because it is priced to high. Makes Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries a real challenge. Not only do I have to get the right gift, I have to get it at a good price.

It’s that thing where she expects me to read her frickin mind that drives me batty.

In this case, the teacher has skills that aren’t going to be replicated with a short term sub, and there’s a month and a half left in the school year. The kids who are taking dance class with her* are screwed, it’s now a wasted course. The kids who were going to be working with her on their big production are screwed, there’s no choreographer anymore**. There’s zero indication that her teaching was, in any way, impacted by race.

I’m cool if the administration wants to part ways with her, but don’t fuck over the kids in the process. I think the kids are definitely getting screwed with the timing of this dismissal.
*This K-2 school is unique in that the 1st and 2nd graders get to choose electives, each teacher does a few electives throughout the year, and this teacher is the only one with a significant (as in, is qualified to teach) dance background.

**I’m betting my wife (semi-retired theatre professional) is going to get roped into helping out, because she’s that sort of helpful person.

I’m really glad I’m the only person in the office right now. I made a noise very akin to what Red Green’s nephew Harold sounds like.

Your husband owns Chicago Reader’s message board server?