Fuck The City Of Oakland And Their Emergency Animal Services


There is a kitten - we’re always having kittens dumped in our yard - in addition to several feral cats living around us. But this one was feral, it’s about six weeks old, charcoal grey, and someone/thing had ripped it’s right eye out.

It has a respiratory infection, making it difficult to breathe for the little girl, and she’s crying non-stop, which I can hear through my window which is making me NUTS.

I fed her yesterday, not getting too close, cause she was acting so feral. But she was obviously in need of food.

Last night I wrapped her in a towel for warmth (using latex gloves so not to get too much “human” on her) and fed her again.

This morning, I heard her crying again, so I went outside, and she was by the porch where I initially fed her. She actually came to me this time, acting non-feral. With gloves, I placed her back in the towel and fed her again and she ate like she was starved. She had goop in her left eye, which I managed to clean out, but it’s obvious she’s in pain. She even let me pick her up with the gloves on without hissing or trying to attack.

I placed her in a box on my front porch with towels and fed her again, and called the City of Oakland, who 'SUPPOSEDLY" is in charge of emergency animal control.

Last year, when two healthy yet abandoned kittens were left in our yard, it took them four days, by which time I had paid someone to take me to the shelter myself (I don’t drive).

They also tell you to call them if there are dead animals in your yard - well, when someone dumped a dead baby poodle in our front yard, I called them then, as well. They never showed up that time. My BF had to dispose of the body for me, as neighbors kept knocking on the door, horrified that they were bringing me news of my poor dead dog. And it was just fuckign UPSETTING, you know, to see the little thing lying there, decomposing.

So I called today and explained that the right eye had been torn out in an attack, that she was ill, and she needed IMMEDIATE assistance. I asked if they could get anyone there as soon as possible. “We’re not sure ma’am, but we’ll do our best.”

Number one - don’t call me ma’am. Do your damn job, instead, Number 51.

Number two - you’ve shown me your best SUCKS the puss from this kitten’s eye. Repeatedly.

I don’t want this thing to die. I can’t take it to the vet - I just paid for my two to go and it was $300, which I can’t put down on this poor kitty. I don’t drive, and the shelter is too far for me to get to in order to drop her off.

She’s adorable, and with the gloves on, she even let me pet her and caress her and give her scritches, and she tried to purr and obviously felt appreciative, and I was crying thinking, “yeah, I know what it’s like to feel like you’re all alone, and you’re going to die. But I’ll try to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

At least she was shown some love before these FUCKERS FUCKERS FUCKERS FUCKERS from the City of Oakland let her expire away because they’re doing who knows what rather than saving her life.

I’m sorry. I am crying, it hurts to hear her cry, I can’t bring her in here because of her respiratory infection and my kitty Ali would just get sick, and I’m MAD AS HELL because these assholes will let her die before they come do a thing.

What the fuck do I do? Write a letter? Right. Call the Mayor?? Right. No, I listen to a kitten die on my front porch.

Havin’ a great fucking day. How about you.


And yes, dammit, this IS pit worthy!! These fuckers need to be anally raped with hot pokers. I’m furious. I’m hurting for the little kitten, and I am frustrated as hell.

Sadly yet increasingly livid


PS - I don’t give a rats ass if I misspelled anything, so if that is your intended comment, fuck off and don’t bother. It’s hard to type when you’re crying.

Oh, man…I’m getting all teary here, thinking about this poor little thing. The thought of kittens suffering just rips me up. I wish there was something I could do to help (I’m in San Jose). If you could find a place that could help her and you just needed transportation somewhere, I might be able to help with that. If so, email me at rat (at) dragonwriter (dot) net.

Try calling Community Concern for Cats. They might have someone who would be able to help you.

Thanks - I tried them - their mailbox is currently full and they say they’re full up with foster homes and adoptions right now.

I appreciate the help.


Contact the Oakland SPCA and see if they can help the poor kitty. If you can’t get there (it’s near the airport) I live in San Leandro, I could probably pick her up and take her there.

Sorry, here’s the link.

Last year, those kittens I tried to save, before the Oakland CRAPPITY CRAP showed up, I had to keepo them outside too, and a raccoon ATE one of them before i could get them to the shelter.



Inky, I’m so sorry–that’s a terrible situation.

Before you condemn those officers too much, though, you may want to find out how many officers the city has hired, and how many cases they’re dealing with, and which cases they’re working on instead of yours. If their department is like ours, this time of year each officer’s inbox is full of emergency activities (dog bites, potential rabies cases, and animals with immediate injuries like broken backs). We’d love to have more officers, but taxpayers aren’t willing to pay for more.

So yeah, I’d encourage a call to city council on this matter, but be aware that the fault may not lie with the individual officers so much as with a bureaucracy that doesn’t hire enough officers to do the job.

And I dearly hope you’re able to find a way to help that kitten!

Def. try the SPCA.

I would think that a rescue group might be willing to help you with the medical bills, if you’d be able to take care of the little one (that way they don’t have to find placement).

Here are some other links I came across.

Linkity one


Not quite Oakland, but maybe they can help? <— Santa Cruz

You could also try:

Friends of the Formerly Friendless

Feral Cat Foundation

Hopalong Animal Rescue

They all do cat rescues in the Bay Area.

Island Cat Resources & Adoption in Alameda is another place to consider.

Oakland’s Animal Control has been understaffed, well, as long as I can remember. You might try calling your city councilman or woman, they can get things done. I had a problem with a couch someone had dumped near our building one day. Repeated calls got no results. I called Desi Brooks’ office and it was gone the same day.

Here’s there contact info In the off chance you don’t know who yuors is there’s a locator tool at the page as well.

Just wanna say that you’re a great person, Inky. There are so many people would just ignore the poor thing, or hasten its demise.

If heaven is run by cats, you’re set. :smiley:

This may be a kooky idea, but how about calling your local media? Local television crews love stories like this-- cute, cuddly kitten suffering because of beauracracy’s slow action. Perhaps your story could get your community outraged enough to demand more staff/funding for the EAS.


I’m hoping it is. I do everything possible to make life more fulfilling for the Neville kitties. :slight_smile:

I wish I could help some way. I had a recent sad experience with a pet store pet, so I know how you must feel. It is lucky that those animals,however unfortunately, ended up on your yard. Lord knows, most people would not care for the cat like you obviously do. Bless you and bless the kitty.

Why do so many animals end up on your property? Do people know you will try to do make sure something is done for them?

Yes, indeed. People who take the time to do nice things for little helpless animals are my heroes.

We’re talking about Oakland, CA here. They’d rather fuck around trying to appease the Raiders with poorly planned add-ons to the Coliseum than actually spend money on fixing the damn city.

Thank you, Ink. From my self and my 8, from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you can find some help, Inky, or figure out some other way to get the job done.

Cats rock, and anyone who helps the little buggers is a-ok in my book.


I paid my BF’s secretary on her break to take me to the shelter and drop her off. This was a hard thing to ask her, as she just had to put her beloved cat of 16 years down, but I was in such panic mode, I didn’t know what else to do.

I took Doo-Dad (I called her) in, and they said that yes, she’s six weeks (good guess) but that I was wrong about her eye. It had been so crusted over that I THOUGHT something had ripped it out. Well, turns out her respiratory infection was so bad, her eye crusted shut. And the other one was going to do the same thing if I hadn’t gotten her there. I had seen the goopies (sorry, that’s what they’re called in my animal family) in the good eye, and kept cleaning it out, and she was obviously trying to keep it clean herself, but it did keep gooping up.

Shelly - saint that she is - took me to the Oakland Shelter and they took her in. They said her infection was so bad that it was likely fortunate that I got her there when I did. They gave her a 50-50 chance. I immediately burst into tears. But she let me hold her (with gloves) and give her scritches, and she mewed at me and tried to purr like she knew I had done something nice - or at least tried.

I asked about the Oakland “Emergency” Services - they have one guy. ONE GUY. Ooookay. I pay good taxes here…we can pay for more than ONE GUY.

To the person who asked why so many animals end up in our yard - we live on a corner lot - it’s a treed, overgrown area, and a lot of feral cats give birth in the underbrush. We also have feral cats that live in a storage area in the garage, as you can tell from the paw prints on the hood of the car each morning.

I don’t think it’s that they “send” animals our way" - except that poodle - someone deliberately dropped that poor thing there, which freaked Bernadette out (my dog) cause she had to pass it for her walk each day. I think our yard is just a perfect overgrown dumping area (if that’s what they’re doing) or that the ferals just…breed here. This little one was definitely feral.

She was doing her best to hiss and bat at me when I first tried to give her food. (Bless her li’l heart.) She ate some then went and hid somewhere else in the yard the first day. I was able to use a spoon and get the food closer to her. By that night, she would let me pick her up and put her in the towel for warmth (and protection - we have raccoons and possums and tree rats that live in the palm trees), but she cried so much, I was worried she’d attract too much attention. In the morning, I heard her cry again, and she was back in the first place where I had initially given her the food - maybe she knew FOOD LADY would come if she kept crying. So I used gloves, picked her up using another towel, fed her, wiped her down, cleaned goopies, gave scritches, and put her in a box. She was obviously SO tired…

I just wanted her to feel safe and get some sleep…but unusual circumstances and all, she just cried a lot.

Hey $20 will make a Saint out of anyone, and I nominate Shelly. She saved my aching heart, and maybe saved a kitten.


Who helped give a kitten a fighting chance and feels a tiny bit better in her own depression for that.