Fuck the Liberal Media

I am so sick of the liberal media and their lies. From watching TV over the past few days I all have seen is bad news. Watch any of their lying channels and all you will see is California on fire, as if the whole state was on fire. Where are the pictures children going to school? Where are the pictures of people going to work? I’ll tell you were the pictures are, they don’t exist because the liberal media doesn’t care about the truth. Most of California is not on fire and is in no danger of burning. But do you hear the liberal media talk about how Northern California is not on fire? No, you don’t. The trees that have chosen to turn against humanity and burn are in the minority. But to hear the liberal media more and more trees and choosing to burn as part of suicide attacks. However, most of the trees are not choosing to burn and want only to live in piece. Things are going well in California and the lying liberal media needs to give us the whole story.

You’re supposed to link to the thread that spawned a parody. Or at least provide a link to which particular comment Bush made that you’re lambasting.

Yeah, and there are fires twice as big in Oregon that are going unreported.


The trees are getting what they deserve. If and when the trees decide to cooperate with firefighters, and not burn all willy-nilly, there will be peace in California.

I saw a one-hour news story today about the CA fires. It was on FOX.

Damn liberal media.

At least give us the link for your satire…


Wrong word and forgot to preview and see everyone else’s posts.

I’ll be in the corner if you need me…

Lynn’s going to be angry…

I also just want to add that everytime a new tree catches on fire, it just proves we are putting out the fire.

Do I really need a link? Pick a comment by the White House or a conservative commentator in the past few months.

This IS a joke, right?

Because he was stapled to the chicken!

Get it!?




For those who aren’t sufficently aware of current events, the OP refers to this nonsense from a couple of weeks ago:

The liberal media actually started those fires just to get the new Governator off to a bad start. It’s true! I heard it on Fox! Well, if Ah-nul wore a shirt, I’m sure he would have something up his sleeve to save California!

I want more coverage of Hollywood!

Today on Fox News:
California Wildfire holds Press Confrence
In response to alligations that it had engaged in unlawful destruction of property, lawyers for the Southern California Wildfires issued this press statement;

“The Wildfires wish to express their shared grief over the loss of homes and other properties in the recent conflagerations in and around San Diego. While they admit no wrongdoing, the Fires want everyone to know that this is all for the better and that the tragedy shall pass.”

When asked about a comment in an internal memo, lawyers replied;

“We have no idea where the comment ‘I burning your dog’ comes from. It is not from our clients, nor from any of their friends. We find this distasteful and cliched.”

In other news
Man shot with 1920’s style Death Ray. Slow running hampsters believed to be to blame. More at 11.

No parrots died today on the M16 highway.

Yep, it’s fast paced. Today they were clipping along at 40 MPH…

So they’re lying by talking about the fires? The fires aren’t actually happening? Or is this just the way to use the latest political word-for-the-week (“liar!”)?

Don’t go blaming all trees for the acts of a few radical deciduous mosserfuckers! Oh sure, we coniferous types talk a lot, but our bark is worse than our bite. No saps we!

Power to the pines. Logging is murder. Peace out.

Well, that right there proves the story was a White House plant, written by none other than Dubya himself.