Fuck the Plymouth Rock vandal(s)

2 minute video from CBS News here

CNN article here with photos

This, pisses me off. Like, what the fuck?

Why the fuck isn’t there 24 hour camera surveillance of the Rock?

And why is it that I already know that the possible punishment(s) will not be enough to IMO fit these crimes?

This is the kind of crime that calls for a flogging in the public square, I think. No wasted time or funds putting the offender in jail, just a good solid beating and send him on his way.

So many things vandalized. The perpetrator or perpetrators apparently thought “Anything goes!” I suggest a punishment inspired by Cole Porter.

Drop Plymouth rock on them.

The pilgrims were “my people!” (and that’s what I said when the story came on the news. My multi-ethnic family are glad I get to have an actual race for a few minutes.

But then I said “Wait, didn’t my forefathers come to this country for *freedom?” *

Maybe Bill Bradford and my g-g-g-g-great gramps would say “You go, young vandal! Stick it to the Man, even when we happen to be the Man.”

I would say it’s only “sticking it to the Man” if you have some point, some grievance you are addressing. What I saw in the two links doesn’t suggest any such thing.

(At first I thought the shell said 50$, which could at least be a comment on commercialism or something, calling it a tacky trash. But it the video link showed it is 508, which the write along with 508. It looks more like a calling card situation–that the numbers and letters represent the group’s name.)

I find it difficult to invest much emotion in a fake tourist attraction from a Hallmark Thanksgiving card version of “history.”

Or a caning, as they do in Singapore.

Maybe they were Native Americans who concidered it a beach-head for an invasion.

508 is the local area code, which is a common identifier for various hoodlum groups.

Nice bit of misogyny on the Pilgrim Woman statue. Jerks.

The Quarry Preservation Society would like to have a few words with you out back…

Might just be the ADA Section 508 Compliance enforcement gone too far.

I thought from the title that maybe they broke it up, but they just tagged it. Yeah, that’s not right, but it is reversible, I think.

I would think a pressure washer, soap and elbow grease would get enough of it off that the rest should fade within a few years. OTOH, in my area while they were building an overpass someone spray painted “Wasted $” on it. They did clean of as much as they could, but nearly 30 years later it’s still plenty visible. Granted, they sprayed it on (porous) concrete and it’s under a bridge so it doesn’t get much sunlight to help fade it.

ETA: Yup, still there. Google Maps
In Milwaukee (and probably most other large cities), they have a crew that gets graffiti cleaned up, usually within less than 24 hours. It usually involves painting over it with whatever color they have that’s the closest. I’m not sure why they didn’t do that here. Either they didn’t put as much effort into it since it didn’t appear gang related or it was the construction crew cleaning it.

According to the CBS video in the OP, the graffiti has already been cleaned off with a pressure washer.

Nah, they wanted out from under the Church of England but were more than happy to pursue religious persecution as long as they were on the giving end - a practice we continue to honor to this day!

Are you from Philly?

It was vandalized before they got there

Contrary to popular belief, the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony were NOT the same ones in Salem, nor did they practice the same sort of religious beliefs.

I’m not saying they were big on tolerance, but they weren’t the sort of fundies that were responsible for the Salem Witch Trials.

Nope, couldn’t care less about Eagles/Patriots rivalry, and my wife was related to folks on the Mayflower. I just don’t like phony-baloney history. And Puritans.