Fuck the Yankees

They are supposed to win the World Series every year, right? Actually all they do is spoil the post-season for some other long deserving team. Wouldn’t baseball be so much better without the Yankees?

Too much cc, too little water.

I hear ya cc. I have to laugh now (silently of course) at all of my Yankee friends who just about buried me 6 feet under when they won game 7.

Now who’s saying, “Wait till next year?”

Yeah, but when Yankees fans say “Wait till next year” it actually means wait till next year. When a Red Sox fan says wait till next year, it means wait for another 80 some years.

^ haha, ok, you have a point… :smiley: :smiley:

But it still makes me feel a little bit better to know that they didn’t win. It shuts my roomie up!

C’mon! The Yankees are Goliath! Without Goliath, we can have no Davids to root for! We cannot revel in the sweet victory when the rock strikes Derek Jeter square in the forehead and sends him to the ground and wipes that disgusting smirk of the rest of their Yankee faces!

It’s only a matter of time before we see news footage of you and your slingshot at Spring Training, isn’t it, spooje?

(Next year, it’s alllll Tigers, baby. 20th anniversary. It’s gonna be our year.)

Juniper200, do you mean this is finally the year you get the worst record ever?

Well, some kind of distinction, anyway.

Man, fucking losers can’t even lose right. Who are we kidding?

curls up in fetal position clutching Lance Parrish autographed baseball