"Fuck you, Diogenes, you were ignorant and rude. "

I clicked on the link in QED’s Sig - “Sometimes ignorance fights back. - FinnAgain” and found that thread.

It was a teal deer but one thing that surprised me was people replying to the effect that “Diogenes is ignorant and rude” wasn’t news.

It surprises me because I’ve never seen any ignorant or rude behaviour. Maybe I’m not looking at the right posts but to me He’s always been entertaining and one of my favourite dopers.

We all have our own definitions of the various adjectives, of course. Beyond that, there’s no actual answer to whatever point you’re trying to make.

I’m not trying to make a point. I’m making a statement: I am surprised people think he’s ignorant and rude because I don’t.

Did you even read the linked thread? It was a pitting of Dio for accusing each and every single polyamorous woman of being an emotionally damaged wreck who could only possibly feel as they did if they suffered (probably sexual) abuse. In fact, when a woman offered her experience as a refutation, he actually accused her of only holding her position because “you must have gone through some serious childhood trauma (abandonment, maybe? alcoholic parent? Something worse?)”

Dio has a tendency to do that sort of stuff, actually, although I don’t have threads at my fingertips. He gets an idea in his head about a group of people, spouts off ignorant and offensive crap, a tranwreck of a Pit thread develops, and eventually he backtracks a bit under withering fire. Hell, my first Pitting ever was because he actually had the nerve to claim that the US military was “engaged in a campaign of genocide” against Iraq.

I’m surprised you don’t know this after posting on the bord for as long as you have. Dio has a reputation for being one of the most stubborn people on the board. Hell, just search the Pit for his numerous pittings.

Ummm…way to rush in to Mr. Cynics defense to a two and a half year old insult. I guess you were quick enough that most of the participants in the earlier thread are at least likely to still be alive, so I’ll give you that.

And if you really want to revisit the old tread, why not quote the OP’s points and say why you think he’s incorrect.

I didn’t read it because if Diogenes was being rude and ignorant then it would be the only time I’ve seen him be that way.

Ignorance fought then, huh?

So there was a Pit thread with evidence of Dio being both militantly ignorant and shockingly rude, but you didn’t read it, because you haven’t seen him act that way. And you don’t want to search for the other Pit threads where Dio has been pitted for acting exactly that way, either. Although you started off this Pit thread, ostensibly to express puzzlement at why anybody would call Dio ignorant and rude, and said that your ignorance might have been the result of not reading the right posts.

So you’re not only ignorant, but willfully so?

What exactly are you Pitting, in any case?

I know my case is weak but: I guess I was surprised because I’d never seen any of it PREVIOUS to this thread. I’m not being deliberately ignorant. I am expressing surprise that someone I’d never perceived to be ignorant and rude was being so, and also surprise that it’s apparently common knowledge. There’s nothing willfully ignorant about that.

And it’s not a pit. I guess it’s in the pit because that’s where the other one was.

It’s a large board, I suppose.

Yes there is, since you’re refusing to look at all the previous, searchable examples of Dio being pitted for exactly that behavior. You are, by your own admission, ignorant of why Dio might be viewed as ignorant and rude.
You have deliberately not read a thread which gave an excellent reason for someone to think Dio was ignorant and rude, a thread you linked to in your own OP. After being informed that there were several similar Pit threads, you have refused to look for those, either.

What on Earth is that other than being ignorant of something and wilfully deciding not to clear up your ignorance?

Dio’s pretty prolific, not just making a lot of posts, but hitting a lot of different threads. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s posted in more than 75% of the board’s threads. So you not seeing this behavior is pretty surprising.

On the other hand, I agree with Dio a good portion of the time. I only notice the ignorant and rude side because when I disagree with what he writes, it’s such a complete 180 from what I believe that it amazes me a person would seriously say that.

I stand corrected. I am being willfully ignorant by willfully not reading those threads. It’s not because I don’t want to see them. It’s just that I don’t have the patience to read what is a long and linky OP with lots and lots of things to read linked from it.

BUT I am not willfuly ignorant in the sense that I am somehow refusing to accept that Diogenes might have been rude and ignorant in many threads.
I stand by my statement and my point that I’d not seen any ignorance or rudeness BEFORE. I’ve seen it now! Just not before.
And a general question: Is he ignorant and rude in the same way that Bill Maher is an ‘Asshole’ (which I also think is untrue based on what I’ve seen)

Or is he just an entertaining person who CAN be ignorant and rude at times (Just like I can be a bit stupid and lacking in pre-thinking an action)

ETA: Also there were no actual quotes. Just links. So not realizing they were links to single posts I didn’t click on them because I thought I’d have to scroll through some enormous thread to find what the OP was refering to. Now I know better.

Right, having read it all. Diogenes was a dick to one person, but generally hostile towards Polygamists (not on the board) and thinks women who agree to do porn or be part of a polygamous relation might not be healthy women and might have had some trauma in their childhood.

My response to that is it’s a very weak argument. A perfectly normal childhood can lead to an unusual adulthood. But also a traumatic childhood is likely to lead to a strange adulthood.

And I guess it can be considered ignorant and rude. But I had never seen it before and I WAS surprised to learn not only IT, but that IT is common knowledge.
THIS thread was a bad ill-thought-out idea. I admit that :frowning:

Well, all right, then.

Now… what the fuck is a “teal deer” ?

Tee El, Dee, eRrrrrr

God bless the Urban Dictionary. That and the Encyclopedia Dramatica are all one really needs to be an erudite Renaissance man.

TLDR. Too long, didn’t read. A pointless comment expressing nothing more than the fact that one did not read a post because it was too long.

See also, irony. :smiley:

When your hearts in the right place and you’re making an effort, even your mistakes go on the plus side of the ledger.

Sadly, this is an all-too-common theme with Dio. Although, it usually manifests itself thusly:

OP: My neighbor’s children are acting kinda strange. Should I be concerned?
At least he didn’t accuse her of having a brain tumor!