Fuck you, Greek police, may all of you be cuckcolded by diseased gigolos


She was Romany all the time, living with a Romany family who took her in because her mother was a poor olive picker and couldn’t afford another child. Of course, a cute little blonde girl living among Romas had to be kidnapped for nefarious purposes. Screw the Greek police, the sensationalizing press, and the idiot, brain dead, xenophobic social workers who couldn’t possibly consider Romany capable of handling their own social problems.

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. Of course, we have our own issues here in the US, but I could never grasp the open bigotry against Roma in much of Europe.

Me either. That’s a big piece of why I get really irritated when Europeans get on here and talk about how the US and the South are such racist places; in general their treatment of the Roma has been every bit as bad or worse than the US treatment of black people since say… 1863.

A similar case (with a similar resolution) in Ireland


"Ireland’s police force and health service have been forced into an embarrassing U-turn over the seizure of a young Roma girl from her family because she had blue eyes and blonde hair.

The Irish justice minister, Alan Shatter, has asked the head of the Irish police force, the Garda Síochána, to report on this case and another one involving a two-year-old Roma boy also taken from his family by the authorities.

The seven-year-old was handed back to her Roma parents this evening after DNA results showed that she was in fact their child."

I have nothing to add regarding the Greek police, but I just want to say that “may all of you be cuckolded by diseased gigolos” is the most hilarious curse I’ve heard in the past six months, maybe a year. +1 to the OP just for the title alone.

You do realize they are still criminals right?

You realize that Europe is still incredibly racist, right?

I’d like to shake the hand of everyone involved.

ISTM that you don’t think Romani people should be subject to the rule of law as other citizens of their countries are.

I think until the police stop every non-Romani with a child that looks different from them and demand they prove either their biological parentage or legal guardianship of that child thus was entirely an ethnically motivated attack on Romani living in Greece.

Thank you, I was trying to think what would be the most vile for a Greak police officer.

You do realize that criminals have rights? That the child had rights also which included not be jerked away from her community and her caretakers. They could have arrested the couple, but released the child in the hands of any number of Romani in the community.

Maybe so, but ZPG Zealot’s views on the Romani are actually irrelevant. This is a case of authorities accusing a couple of kidnapping based only on the fact that the child doesn’t exactly look like them, when in actuality it was their own child. That’s just fucking wrong, and race, ethnicity, nationality, or whatever is irrelevant.

They’re relevant by virtue of the fact that she said them. I was commenting on what she said. Her views might be irrelevant to all sorts of other things, and if I bring them up in that context, feel free to point this out.

I believe you may be conflating various different stories.

You know, I just may be. I think, um, I think I’ll just shut up now.

From what I understand, it wasn’t their own child. It was someone else’s child that they had informally adopted.

The couple had no adoption documentation, because the adoption was informal. They also appear to have been running some sort of welfare scam, involving inflating the number of children under their care.

Under those circumstances, the cops and social workers being sceptical were justified. Of course, that doesn’t prevent them from perhaps also being racist as all hell.

That would be horrible. But, if you’re referring to the Greek case, it isn’t true. There are also “facts” that the couple didn’t have the right birth certificate for the child, could not explain how they came to care for the child, and were proven to be not the child’s biological parents.

Malthus, Terr, please refer to post 15. There is no need to rebut my post because I fully admit that I made an error. I did have several different news stories conflated in my own head.

I was wrong.

No prob. :slight_smile:

Sure. But traveling folk always get a hard time from sedentary ones, since wherever they go they’re The Other and the ills of the community can be pegged on them. That’s true whether we’re talking Roma, Tuareg or American hobos.