Fuck You, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Today’s CNN interview with the Vegas mayor

Unbelievable! She actually makes Chump look like the voice of reason. It’s like a bad car wreck, you simply cannot look away from it. This “lady” is completely irresponsible. I kept thinking this must be an Onion parody. Fuck you, Goodman, you stupid bitch. You make me glad we were not able to go to Vegas this month after all.

CNN posted the interview to their YouTube channel; the comments are excellent.

For instance: “Lorne Michaels is going “this is gold” right now. Easily 10 skits of Kate Mckinnon doing this”

IIRC, all but the extreme northern end of the Strip is outside city limits in the first place, so hopefully her idiocy won’t affect those closures.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas*”
*Does not include the following: Viruses, STDs, Debt, ect. To see the full list go to www.whatdoesnotstayinvegas.com

CMC fnord!

Anderson Cooper also interviewed Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak today.

I was skeptical that he would be a good governor (I did vote for him, tho) but I’ve been very pleased with his actions and words during the pandemic.

I trust Snowboarder Bo’s commentary when it comes to Vegas and Nevada politics.

Last time I went to NV was 2013 – other side of Tahoe. It was an accident. No offense, Nevadans.

I suppose I should have mentioned that the stupid mayor wants Vegas – casinos, restaurants, you name it – reopened RIGHT NOW, but eh, it’s the owners’ responsibility to figure out how to make it safe, but do it RIGHT NOW, and hey, it’s just a little virus, we’ve had viruses before, what’s the big deal? Stupid cunt.

Huh. I never realized most of the Strip isn’t actually in the city of Las Vegas. Weird.

And yeah, Mayor Goodman is a total fucking idiot.

We had reservations this month in downtown, so we would have been in this stupid bitch’s territory.

The best part,
‘When asked if she would be in casinos to prove their safety Mayor Goodman responded “I don’t gamble anymore.”’

CMC fnord!

I couldn’t believe how dumb she was. Shocked.

Not sure. Hard to top the part where she says they may have had Ebola victims in the casinos before, who knows?

Most of the Strip resort area is in Paradise, not Las Vegas proper. The downtown casinos and Fremont area are within the city limits.

Carolyn Goodman has not acquitted herself well, to say the least. She’s been married to an admitted and unapologetic mafia goon (and the term-limited former mayor) for decades, who is widely suspected of continuing to run things. The Goodmans (including their brain-damaged son) do not exactly have a reputation as competent or principled administrators.

What a trainwreck. She obviously had someone standing off camera, as she kept looking off to the side. I assume that would’ve been her comms person, who should now be fired for letting that shitshow continue for almost a half hour.

I used to work for a local newspaper, the town was about 100,000 people. Basically I was a scrub beat reporter fresh out of college in a midsize Midwestern town. I’d occasionally go into city hall to interview the mayor for a story I was working on. His comms person was always there, had a tape recorder going the whole time, and if questions ever got beyond what they were comfortable answering, the comms person would conveniently step in and tell me the mayor had another appointment. How in the fuck did this mayor and her team not just end this interview once it became painfully apparent she was making an ass of herself on national TV ?

Good catch, CMC!!!

We don’t always agree, but we agree on the bleep that matters.

p.s. Not a hedge fund manager. LOL! But you gotta understand, I gotta think like one (like we all do).

#Blue collar guy

I gotta admit: Nevada is a place I just don’t understand.

I thought that NV was run by the searchlight machine (aka Reid).

Then there’s this crackpot on TV.

What the hell?

Anderson Cooper at one point tells her she’s made an ignorant statement. You can tell he really wants to call her ignorant but settles for the “ignorant statement” comment. How often does an interviewer feel the need to point out that the interviewee is ignorant, especially one as high caliber as Anderson Cooper?

This is true but most folks don’t know that Paradise is an unincorporated township, kept that way permanently as a tax dodge for the casinos.

It was painful watching Cooper try to stay in control and not start screaming at her.

And when asked if she would be on the casino floor risking her own self she said, and I do quote:

“Why would I do that? I have a family.”

There are not enough emoticons :eek::smack::eek::smack::eek::smack::eek::smack::eek::smack: