Fuck You TJ MAXX

Ok, here’s the deal, last November, my boyfriend bought me a coat from TJ MAXX for my birthday. Now, I know you arent supposed to take tags off of clothes until you know you are keeping it, but my boyfriend took the tag off before he gave it to me (I guess he never learned just to take the price portion of it off). Long story short, the jacket didnt fit and we went to take it back. Well, behind the customer service desk is one of those “I hate my fucking job bitches and I am going to make your life miserable for it”. We give her the receipt and the tag from the coat and she says “This tag doesnt belong to this coat. This is a tag for a vest”. My boyfriend spent a good deal of money on the coat, so that response wasn’t going to cut it. The manager eventually comes over and preceeds to tell us that they have people come in all of the time with tags that don’t belong to the clothing item. She also tells us that they NEVER mis-tag anything (ha - what a fucking joke) and that they don’t even carry that brand. My boyfriend then says “Check the surveillance camera, I was at “whatever” register at “whatever time” on “whatever date” and had this coat, which corresponds to the date and time on my receipt.”. So she goes to check the video camera and it cut off about 30 seconds before his transaction (or so she says). After arguing about it for a little while, she finally awards us our money back. Ok, thats over with and forgotten.

Ok, I go to TJ MAXX in Greenville SC and purchase 4 items. I dont try on clothes, I HATE to try on clothes. I would rather wait until I get home, try on everything and take back what I dont like. I have a little 12.99 item I am trying to return and again, I see the little “blue book” come out that has all of the coding in it and she says “This tag doesnt belong to this shirt. This tag belongs to a short-sleve sweater.” WTF??? I havent even taken the freaking tag off of this one!! Not only that, it IS a short-sleve sweater!! She pages the manager over who never shows up and they guy at the register next to her said “Whats the problem?” She says, this isnt the tag that goes with this item, it is suposed to be a short sleve sweater. He then goes, It looks like a short sleve sweater to to me. I finally get my money back after another embarrasing return.

Granted, we did get our money back both times, but still they have called me a liar and a thief twice and I dont appreciate it. I spend my hard-earned money there. Whatever happend to “the customer is always right” slogan? Has it disappeared? I know not every customer is right, but damn, dont call me a liar and a thief in front of the rest of the people making returns. I may have posted a stupid rant, but I am NOT A FUCKING thief!! Anyway, I will not be spending another dime at TJ MAXX. GET YOUR FUCKING CODING SYSTEM RIGHT!!!

It’s TK Maxx, not TJ.

So who is TK Hooker?

Huh, Tansu? http://www.tjmaxx.com/

And you keep shopping there because?

Ah, sorry. It would seem to be a US/UK thing. It’s TK Maxx over here in the UK, and only over here in the UK. http://www.tjx.com/frames/tkmaxx.html

Sorry about that. I learnt something today.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll learn to stop being an idiot.

And in Ireland. In the UK and Ireland.

I think I’ll just go fuck myself for a bit.

Well, nature has been kind to you, if nothing else.

At the bottom of my original post, I said I would not spend another dime in there. The first time this happened, I thought, ok, I will give them another try. Now since it has happened again, I wont go back.

That happened to my mom in Fashion Bug.

Forty percent off sweaters or whatever. She picked up a sweater. It even said on the tag-Fall Sweater.

The clerk said, “No, that’s a fall knit top.” My mother politely but firmly persisted until she got the point.

D’uh. You know, I work retail-but that’s just fucking insane.