Fuck you Virgin Mobile.

I used to have cell service with Cricket. 35 bucks a month for unlimited talk and text seemed a good deal. Then I upped it another 5 a month for the data plan. Things were ok but the phone was not made for internet use. A friend was moving and gave me a box of stuff he didn’t want. One item was a VM Kyocera Loft phone. I called VM for pricing and found it was 40 bucks for unlimited data, text and mms with 1200 anytime minutes. This was fine as I don’t talk much. In fact, for the past few months I’ve been on the $25 plan with 300 minutes and not close to going over. Anyway.

I upgraded the Loft to the Rumor Touch. The phone was fine until I found for an extra 50 bucks I could get the new Optimus V. Folks, I love this phone. I’ve quit looking for a new computer because this does everything I need and then some. Things were going well and I was happy. For a month. Then 2 weeks ago today, at 5am, the internet service died. At first I figures it was one of those things. I’ve been working with computers for 26 years now. I know there’re a million things that can go wrong at any moment. By noon I decided to call and see what was up.

Now, I’m going to first say this. All CSRs I’ve spoken to have been polite and generally gave me the feeling they did want to resolve the issue for me, with the exception of the second one.

The first one I talked to told me it was likely just a glitch as it wasn’t something they’ve been getting a lot if calls about. We reset the phone and she told me to allow up to 4 hours for provisioning. Cool. Whatever it takes. If it worked, of course, I wouldn’t be posting here.

So I called the next day (19th) and was told by the guy it was because I hadn’t paid my bill. Great, now I’m being called a deadbeat. I asked why the data was down and more texting or calls if that was the issue. He told me the way they do it us to start shutting shit down one by one to get your attention. I asked why don’t they just send a text? I’m getting 2 a day for Japanese aid on each phone. (Oh yeah, I have 2 lines with them.) He couldn’t answer. I already knew it was a bullshit excuse but it was Saturday and i had nothing better to do. Let’s play the game. I asked why, if the bill was due on Friday, was the service cut at 5 in the morning of the day it’s due. No answer given, no answer expected. So I specially asked, if I pay it now will it come back online? Yup. Just give it 4 hours to reset. Fine. Paid in full. 6 hours and 2 hard reboots later (recommended by them) still nothing. I called back on Sunday and was told it would be escalated. 1-3 days. Now, keep in mind I was told it would be expected to lose service if I didn’t pay up a day early. I’m 5 days into the plan with no service. Again, this is the only reason I bought the Goddamn phone. I’m given 75 minutes. Useless to me.

Long story short (too late), 14 days and 11 calls and 5 terse emails from them for politely inquiring why they can’t just tell me what’s going on even if they can’t fix it yet, I’m posting only because I’m lucky enough to live near enough to the Marquette University to connect to their wi-fi. I’ve asked to get new set up with a whole new account and I’ll deal with the headache of a new number. No can do. How about a refund and I’ll part again when it’s working. Nope. The problem is they can’t do any of that (yeah, I know it’s bullshit) until the ticket is closed, which won’t happen until the issue is fixed. I told her I refused to believe that they gravelly successfully added new customers with this same phone in 2 weeks. They’re on the Sprint network. If a major carrier had a major service istye it would make the news. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say it wouldn’t surprise me if this goes on for weeks.
To wrap it up, here’s the latest. I called yesterday morning (3 days after being told 1-3 days yet again) I was told it was being sent for the 4th time to engineering. Wait 4 hours and call back if still an issue. 4 hours later I was told since it was escalated again it would be another 1-3 days. Sunday assuming they count weekends, Tuesday otherwise.

Not sure what else to do at this point, but I feel a little better having typed it all out. Thanks for listening.

I’m having the same issues, but I’m not that upset. The service is down for zillions of Optimus V owners, including me. I haven’t had 3G internet since I signed up 3 weeks ago, except once for 15 minutes (true!). They’re upgrading the 3G system and having problems with the new Optimus. I even exchanged the phone just to make sure it was them, not the phone, giving me another 30 days to exchange or return it (to Best Buy. If the service isn’t running before then, I’ll exchange it again just to get another 30 day return policy, as I haven’t had any chance to use the 3G internet to see if the phone’s a keeper or not). They have told me that I would be given free service to make up for the time I haven’t had the internet. (WiFi is fine, but no internet 3G). For $25 unlimited texts and 300 minutes, I’m still paying less than I was with T-Mobile. My daughter got a Virgin Mobile Blackberry at the same time, but the Blackberry network has been flawless.

Despite the hassle of no 3G internet, I’m still ahead. And the Optimus is a great phone. I’m having a blast playing with it. It would have been nice if they’d upgraded their system before rolling out the Optimuses (Optimi?), though.

By the way, the direct phone number for tech support is 1-877-600-8065. Save you a few minutes not going through the “Hi, I’m Alex!!!” phone tree. And tell them you want your money back for the days you don’t have internet. I believe they’re expecting to credit any customers who ask for it.

Yeah, that tech support number is the one I’ve been using. Well, 3 days since being told 3 days yet again and now they wait til tomorrow. I’ve asked for refund/credit multiple times only to hear dead silence. I filed a complaint with the FCC, though I know that won’t do any good. I’m starting to not even be mad anymore. Now I just want to see how far the incompetence can run. None of this would have ever been an issue if they’d just be honest with what’s going on.

My 3G internet’s not up yet, either.

Thanks for the heads up. I was just about to get the Optimus from Virgin Mobile. It looks like I’ll wait on it for a bit.

Updates from either of you would be appreciated.

I’m about to get one for my daughter, too, but she still has a couple months left on her TMobile contract. I’d come out even, buying out her contract today, with the cheaper VM rates, but I’ll wait until it goes back on sale in the meantime until the issue is straightened out. She doesn’t have internet now, so she wouldn’t actually be missing anything.

I love the Optimus. The battery life is not so good, but that’s probably typical. It’s okay as long as I only talk or text, but apps and internet use it up quickly.

Well, that was amusing. I just called Virgin Mobile to see if I can return the phone if I don’t like it. The rep. said she was going to transfer me to the order department. Then I get a voice saying. . . ‘welcome to Disney vacations!’ Evidently, she transferred me to a different company. :smiley:

Thanks for the update. What’s the average amount of hours on a charge using the internet? That’s pretty much mostly what I’ll be using it for. I’m probably going to get a different phone to talk on. I’m also interested in the GPS feature. I asked a guy at Best Buy, and he said the GPS on the Optimus worked really well.

I have heard nothing bad about Virgin’s pay-as-you-go plan for cell phones. I’ve been using it for five years, and have had no problems.

I have heard everything bad about Virgin’s customer service. And have had problems, when I changed phones but kept the same number. I’ve resigned myself to receiving simultaneous emails that my phone has been cancelled due to not paying, and that my payment has been charged to my credit card.

As long as you have no problems, Virgin is good. As soon as you do have a problem, you might as well write them off and find someone else. Your problem will not be solved in an efficient or competent manner.

The GPS works fine. I couldn’t tell you much about the length of the charge because I have been playing a lot of games on it and have been wearing it out fast. I definitely have to charge it every day, though. I use a battery saver app - JuiceDefender (there are other apps for this, too), and I could set it on a stricter setting if I were actually able to use the WiFi outside of the house!

I find the touch screen keyboard very difficult to type on, but I’ve never used one before.

Why would you be getting a different phone for doing your talking on?

Not sure if I can explain in a way that makes sense because maybe it doesn’t make sense.

But I’m used to having a Sprint phone that I use for my calls and then a back-up Virgin Mobile phone that I keep around for emergencies and I don’t ever use. So I’m thinking of replacing the Optimus for the back-up phone. Having to pay for the Optimus monthly might change the way that works though. I was on the pay as you go plan before. I might get rid of the Sprint phone and get another Virgin Mobile phone.

Heffalump and Roo, you getting Disney through VM is freakin’ hilarious to me – somewhere in the depths of ATT there’s a phone number listed for their lost phone services which means occasionally those calls get transferred, somehow, to us. A ski resort!

Or else this is their way of admitting that they are running a Mickey Mouse operation! :smiley:

I’d suggest switching to T-Mobile, because I’ve always had very good experience with their customer service, but since they just got bought by AT&T, I’m betting we can kiss that goodbye. So my only advice is to keep calling, and be polite but firm. Do not *ask for *credit–make it clear that you expect credit because they didn’t provide the service. If you’re not happy with the service you’re getting from a CSR, ask to be transferred to their manager. The higher you move up the chain, the more power they have to get shit done. The person who first answers the call probably has a stupid script they have to stick to or get fired and is only minimally empowered to do anything to help you.

Also… :secret Milwaukee handshake:

duffer, I can relate to at least part of your story.

On a Thursday, I found that my Internet connection had stopped working. My TV was still OK, but no 'Net. I called Comcast, and the guy told me that it was because I had not paid my bill. I had paid the past due amount the week before, but I still owed my current charges. I still had about three weeks to pay that.

Nope, the guy insisted that I was a deadbeat and if I’d just paid my bill, I’d still have service. I asked why my cable was still on, and he told me some BS about how they’re turning off one service at a time.

So I paid the full bill. Service still didn’t come back on. I called again on Friday, and the guy I talked to then said it wasn’t the bill, it was the modem. He could send someone out that day to fix it. I told him to call me an hour before the repair guy was going to show up so I could leave work and let him in. He agreed to that.

Late that afternoon I called and asked why I hadn’t gotten a call yet. The person I talked to then told me that they NEVER do same-day visits, and they’d never call to inform me to go home to meet the guy.

So I was lied to twice.

On Saturday I got my modem replaced.

Success! Called Virgin Mobile again, they reset my phone again, and lo and behold, I have 3G internet/data now. They reset the billing so that from March 11 when I activated until today, no charge. I am happy now. $25 per month plus $2.50 sales tax, 300 minutes, unlimited internet and unlimited texts. Insert happy face smiley here.

I’ve had the Optimus V for about three weeks now. 3G connection has been spotty. I’ve had several days where it hasn’t worked, or it required a reboot to connect. Not great, but if it keeps on at this rate, it’s still probably a good enough deal for me to keep it at $25.

[Life On Mars]

Sam Tyler: I need you to connect me to a Virgin number. A Virgin mobile…

Operator: Don’t you start that sexy business with me, young man, I can trace this call.


Shot From Guns, just wanted to give you perhaps a small ray of hope regarding your AT&T assimilation. I haven’t been with T-Mobile to compare, but I was with Verizon from 2000-2008 and have been with AT&T since then. Hands down, AT&T’s customer service is 102938272 times better than Verizon (IME, obviously).

I literally never had any issue with Verizon end with anything other than basically “tough shit. Bend over and take it”. AT&T hasn’t done that once to me; I even had some international use fees waived*.

I’m sure there are examples of shitty customer service from them, but every AT&T customer I know has been quite satisfied (especially if they had had Verizon before ;)).

  • got the international data/SMS plan for when I was in Mexico. My fucking pharmacy’s auto-refill message called me TWICE that week. :mad: It wasn’t AT&T’s fault, obviously, but I figured the worst that could happen is I’d have to pay the fee. They actually reversed it for me. Very cool!