have you been screwed by virgin mobile

I finally got my act together and left virgin mobile. these people have so many ways to steal your money it is mind boggling. anyway, I cancelled my service on the day the next payment was due. but, they say a phone call was made before the service could be cancelled. wait a minute!!! okay so refund me the 58.30. can’t do that because I made a phone call. okay, so give me a partial refund. can’t do that because you made a phone call. so, besides having shitty coverage and expensive phones they act a lot like Bank of America and craftily steal your money. that Bank of America thing would be good for about 10,00 words which I will not bore you with. find a credit union and GET OUT of the banking business and you won’t fall prey to the OVERDRAFT MATRIX!!! say no to virgin mobile and Bank of America and your life will change miraculously. my thoughts for you.

Nope, I’ve been very happy with them.

Yes, so now I just call them Mobile.

Your pit is about these companies charging you money under a contract you entered into?


I’ve been very happy with them.

This year, for the first time, I find myself paying more than $80/year for cell phone service through Virgin Mobile! Had to include an extra $30 top-up which put me over $100/year - outrageous, I tell ya!!! :smiley:

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m dying to know what the boring 10,00 words are.

Heh, I’ve been on that same plan for I don’t know how many years. I didn’t even realize I could update to a better (non-smart) phone and keep the same plan and phone number, until my crappy old phone was stolen.

I also have a smart phone for $35 a month (the non-smart phone is now used by my SO).

I’ve been very happy with both.

As for banks, I have had no problem with any of my checking accounts as long as I didn’t sail too close to the wind and try to kite checks or draw on deposited checks that had no time to clear. The rules are simple and clear, and all the complaints I see on this board seem to be on the order of “I made a mistake and they charged me for it, waaah!” I do agree that credit unions are generally preferable, but you can’t always do everything that needs doing with a credit union. Mine couldn’t give me a decent mortgage rate, so I had to go to a bank.

Another happy Virgin customer here

Well, I’m with you on Bank of America, but I haven’t had any issues with Virgin Mobile.

So, if I have virg… well, any contract with anyone, I should plan more than 24 hours ahead. Ok, your thread did some good. Thanks.

Sprint owns them AFAIK (my ex worked for them when they were bought out,) so you should be angry at a larger company.

Yeah, I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for years and never had a problem. When I hit my allotted minute limit, they sent me a message that I was out of minutes and did not allow me to go into overage minutes without my express positive consent. I thought that was a nice move.

I’ve been really happy with them as well.

(For the record, I’ve never had any interaction with Virgin Mobile. I just wanted to get a bad joke in.)

I’ve been using them for about five years without problems. Not unhappy at all.

i wish.

Yeah, I’m gonna keep that plan as long as they let me.

And when my first phone I got from them died, I bought a flip phone from them. The phone itself cost about $20, no strings attached. That was about five years ago, and the flip phone is still cruising along just fine, so I’m in no hurry to replace it. I can talk and text on it, and use its camera if I don’t have my ‘real’ camera with me. I really don’t need much more from a phone than that.

Just checking in here.

-drewtwo99, possibly the only happy BoA customer in existence

One thing I noticed is that while the OP repeatedly says he shouldn’t have been charged for the phone call, he never says the phone call wasn’t made.