Virgin Mobile can kiss my pale ass

I bought a cell phone Saturday afternoon. Yes, I followed the flock, yes I am a sheeple. After years of denying myself a cell phone, I bought one.

Shit, even my mother, the Luddite, has a cell phone, and she loves it. This is the woman who could not close out a holiday card I sent her. I had to explain the big X in the right hand corner.

I digress, after 6 or 7 attempts at customer service I cannot get my phone to work. No calls out , no calls in. Not registered in the area, it tells me. Numerous calls to VM are useless. They have me do the same thing again and again to no avail.

I have already tried cursing them out for making me spend money for shit I can’t use. So, I guess i want to warn anyone to not use Virgin Mobile. They fucking suck. I wasted fucking money and I can’t get it back, so die in a raging fire Virgin Mobile fuck ups. die in a fire because I hate your fucking guts, you stupid cheating bastards.

Okay, so I’m an idiot. I meant to put this in the pit.

Are you in some ultra-rural location? Because Virgin works on the Sprint network, and they don’t have terribly great coverage in rural areas. However, my wife uses them and never has a problem.

I’m in a rural area but my husband has coverage on his phone(att, i think) and my mother, the Luddite, has Virgin Mobile with no problem. She lives in a small town also, and hers is in the aftermath of Katrina.

The Customer service reps are useless, and I admit I lost my shit with the last one, but I apologized and said I wanted his boss to speak to me directly. I think I have hadf it though.

Wow. I’ve been up and running with my VM phone within ten minutes of opening the box two different times.

Say what you will about the quality of their service, youth-oriented phone features, etc. but their rates are insanely good if you don’t use your phone much.

Take your phone to the nearest large town. See if you have service there. If not, you probably live outside the network (as I do.) I have a Virgin phone and Sprint’s network just barely reaches my home (actually, one spot in the front yard where I have to stand if I want to make a mobile call.) Luckily At&t just put up a new tower just down the road for us, so I’m switching at the end of the month. Woot!

So, how much are you out that causes you to want people to die in a fire? I want to know what the trigger point for your ire is. My first foray into Virgin Mobilehood cost me $50 (30 for the phone, 20 for a phone card). It’s cost me $7 a month since then to keep it active and I haven’t had any problems with it, but I’m in a city.

I’m out fifty bucks right now, and Im ready to throw the phone across the room. Surely I can’t take it back now with my activsation and all my information. VM customer service is useless. I am now ready to admit I do’t need a cell phone. No, I do not want a cell phone. I want a lot of things, but shit falls, eh? Fuck it.

What do you mean when you say Customer Service is no help? Have you broached the topic of mailing the phone to them for a replacement?


PS Getting a cell phone does not make you “sheeple” :dubious: anymore than does getting an internet connection, or say, driving on the right side of the road.

Why should I mail the phone to them? Why shouldn;t they let me get another phone st Wal mart? Why shouldn’t they tell me how to make my phone work? Why should my mother have no problems with her phone when she doesn;t even know how to use the fucking internet? Why can’t I get service? This was my Xmas present to myself, although I appreciated the comforter and sheets I asked for. I just want my phone to work.

Fuck it. I got vodka out the wazoo, and I’ll have rum soon and I cam make Mojitos. Fuck Virgin Mobile and fuck cell phones. Don’t need em.

You seem to be missing the major point: You may not be in their service area.

As NicePete said, take the phone to the nearest large town and see if you have service there. If you don’t, then you have a legitimate issue with the phone. If you do, then your house is not in the service area.

I do tech support over the phone every day. You’re sounding like the people who call me up and expect me to wave my magic wand and fix everything without any effort, details or comprehension on their end. Not going to happen. Stop ranting, stop being useless in the details department and make the bloody effort to solve this.

Wow. Fifty bucks. I suggest you avoid buying cars.

I was assuming you had already spoken to WalMart and they had refused to take it back.

If WalMart won’t take it back, then Virgin Mobile can’t make them. (As far as I know.)

It sounds like you have a dud phone. That is why they shoulnd’t tell me how to make it work–it looks like it can’t be made to work.

It’s hard to say, though, since I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say Customer Service isn’t helping. I don’t know what that means they’re doing or failing to do, exactly.

When you talk to customer service and they walk you through it, after each of your key entries, does the phone respond the way they think it should respond, or does it do something different which they don’t understand?


Plenty of prepaid cell phones cost fifty dollars or more. And prepaid can be the way to go for some people, for example, me. (Though I bought the twenty dollar one, not the fifty. But if I’d had fifty to spend, I’d have bought the fifty dollar phone.)


Did you go on their website and check their coverage area? I had Virgin Mobile back in the day, and it was great. But, granted, I live in a large city with lots of coverage. From what I remember, in more rural areas, my VM phone only worked when I was close to the nearest interstate - if I got too far off that, no dice.

Do you and your mom live in the same town? It’s not clear from your post. If you do, and she has coverage and you don’t, then I agree that the phone’s wonky.

In short, check the coverage map.

No prob. I never bought a car in my life.

It doesn’t matter anymore. I understand now that I don;t need a cell phone.

I have Virgin Mobile and never had a problem. I think there is clearly some strain in your relationship between you and your phone. Now that you’ve gone and verbally abused it like this it doesn’t want to work for you. You ought to apologize.

I have not verbally abused anyone. I only asked for what was mine. It was not forthcoming and I accept I am not one to have a cell phone. I am dealing with this.