Fudge NBC!!

Now that NBC’s Dateline :wally will again(they did it first in '01) show a real life exorcism, I have decided to permanently remove all news stories featured on this network to my “Must Never Watch” list of TV shows. It will be joining ABC :wally (John of God - Is he real or a Charlatan) and FOX :wally (DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THIS). :wally :wally :wally

When I was in the Navy, I visited Salvador, Brazil. During this port visit, I was invited to a Candomble ceremony - basically the local variant of voodoo.

The believers were at times possessed by spirits, spoke in tongues, and sacrificed animals. The few of us who were just witnesses to this, mostly sailors like me, were fascinated by this, and I left very thankful that I had gone. What an amazing cultural experience.

Now, if you don’t want to watch a show about a religious rite unfamiliar to you, be my guest. Hell, it may even be not worth watching, and expliotative.

But it seems contrary to the spirit of the board to reject such a program out of hand.

No it doesn’t. There are certain things that should be rejected out of hand (like ghosts, exorcisms, and astral projection) and it becomes taxing when people insist that people should be more open minded about it.

What I don’t get is why someone watching Dateline is suprised or suddenly turned off when they show an exorcism. It’s not 60 Minutes. I thought that show was made for people who were fascinated by things like UFO’s, exorcisms, and true crime stories.

One of my fellow students in college was a married woman whose husband became confinced that their unborn son was actually the child of Satan. After conferring with their local religious unit, they decided that an exorcism was the way to go if it would keep the marriage together.

Afterwards, the husband claimed it didn’t work, and left her. The guy that performed the exorcism was trying to get the lady’s mind off the fact that her husband dumped her and asked, “So, have you thought of any names yet?”

Lady: “Damien.”

So, not major network news, but still, mildly newsworthy.

It wouldn’t be bullshit if they actually made any serious attempt to critically examine the practice of “exorcism” as a social/religious/cultural phenomenon, particularly if they were willing to make an effort to expose outright fraud and chicanery. But what these shows tend to do is create a false perception that this kind of garbage has any genuine paranormal or supernatural connotations to it. If this particular show follows form, they will allow 10 or 15 seconds of air time to a “skeptic” who will have no opportunity to debunk or explain this bullshit in the two or three sentences he will be permitted to speak (or more accurately, from the single soundbite which will be selected from his interview).

And yes, ghosts and devils, just like vampires and werwolves, are things which can confidently be dismissed out of hand as deserving of any serious scrutiny whatsoever as real phenomena.

I just don’t understand the part about throwing out the whole network just because it broadcasts a couple of shows you don’t like. If I did that, I don’t know of any network I could ever watch again.

Not the whole network, the news shows. Which is also a mistake since “Dateline” is more tabloid than news.

Oh, okay, got it. I misunderstood. Thanks. :slight_smile: