Fudgeums horrifies me. Horrifies.

Having never seen this commercial (and, boy, am I glad!) how does one pronounce the name of these things? Is it Fudge-ums or Fudge-Gems?

Typing “Domino’s Pizza Saudi Arabia” into Google gave me a link in which I found Domino’s site for international locations. I was suprised to discover they have 14 Domino’s there.

Not to mention there’s also a link on the page which says “Non-U.S. Residents Click Here.”

Not only is Fudge-um’s gross–it can’t dance for shit.

I’ve seen better moves come out of Big Bird --oh, wait, let me rephrase that…

Oh my God. Can a Church of Fudgems be far behind?

Probably because they were full of speed.

That is just horrifying. What were they smoking?

It does remind me of one the Resident Evil games. There was an easter egg where you could play as a character named Tofu. Who was. . . a big block of tofu on legs.

Not to me, probably because I mentally associated Fudgems with a cubical Cousin Itt instead of a cubical piece of shit with legs.

I don’t like the commercial because the reactions of mom & kid are so over the top cute.

Adding “ito” to a Spanish word makes it refer to a smaller version of said word (e.g. “oso” is bear, “osito” is little bear). Therefore, “Brownito” would be “Little Brownie.”

Um…except “Brownito” is in no way a Spanish word. That would be like saying “Fudgeito” means “Little Fudge” in Spanish. Dulcito, perhaps.

I am disappointed. They are running a series of adds here for Domino’s Brownie Squares. I’ve been cheated, I tell ya! Where is Fudgeums? I await patiently as a good feeder for the next POP-sicle. What do I get? …Brownie squares. I feel like a test market stooge. Don’t you see…this is exact5ly why you should go fudgie. Fuck Middle America~

Right up your alley then. :wink:

“Moronito” means “little moron” (rhymes with cabron) and means “tiny brown (thing)”. And yeah, I saw Fudgeums dancing, and he can’t hold a candle to Domo-kun and a bunch of Japanese cheerleaders dancing to Olivia Newton John’s XANADU. :eek:

I saw this commercial the other day. Extremely disturbing to say the least. I found myself strangely transfixed though. I couldn’t look away, I had to see how far they would take it. When the little girl hugged the creature, and came away covered in goo, I have to say, it was one of the most astoundingly, profoundly wrong things I’ve ever seen on television.