Fulfilling one's WILD fantasies

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      • I have seen a lot of threesome flings/one-night-stands. I can’t recall any stable threesomes, unless you include the husband-and-wife-not-sleeping-together-anymore-husband-has-girlfriend-on-the-side situations.
      • Usually the kind of guys that want two women at once, are the same kinds of guys that can’t handle one well. Apparently the second one is for after the first one falls asleep. - MC

Hmmmm…While I agree that it might not be in your best interest to have a threesome with this particular man, I do take objection to some of the statements made here.

I don’t know if I believe this. It depends on the couple, their views on sex, and their ages. Those swingers that I’ve met have either been a) Younger couples, where the man is most likely to fit the above description. or b) Older couples…that are secure in their lives, and want to play a little and experiment sexually. They have possibly raised their children, and having spent a good portion of that time having to be more…“conservative” in their sex life, now feel it a time to let loose. Also, many swingers, require testing of their potential partners, and meet with them several times before intimacy is involved.

Or, it could be two people exploring a part of themselves that they have neglected. While not every woman I have been with has been bi-curiouse, there have been enough for me to know that it’s a fairly common idea. Perhaps she would like to experience a relationship with another woman once in her life, but would like her husband (who has supported, and loved her for years) to be there to share the moment, and also provide a little stability.

I’m not sure you’re talking about a male swinger…sounds more like a male slut. And in that case, your description might be valid. Swinging involves both parties the male and female, and while it might not work out for everyone, there are many that manage to live with that lifestyle…try searching for “Swingers” and read some of the pages. There are many happy swinging couples out there.

Once again, it’s nice of you make those broad statements. Could you site this extensive research paper that shows this?
Because one person or couple try’s swinging, and it doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean that everyone has problems. I don’t suppose that she could be a secure woman that would like to explore another part of her sexuality huh?

Those objections aside, (and they are mostly because you seemed to be grouping everyone together) I think you’re advice to be correct. In this situation, it seems that you analysis of the male is probably right. But that doesn’t mean that all 3-somes are destined to break up a relationship.

Here’s a link to a swinging site I found in about 5 minutes of searching…