Intimate advice

This topic has a bit of a twist.

hmmm… let me try this again

What that there is really no topic?


Why the Hell would you bring a guy to the party?

Definitely two girls and you both can play.


Okay, if you promise that you’ve thought it through, the possible ramifications and all that, I’ll say:


Ummm…you’re asking a bunch of strangers about what gender you should introduce into your threesome?

Maybe you should rethink the whole thing.
If you do decide to go for it, I’d suggest that it doesn’t matter what gender yuo choose, as long as it’s someone you’re both comfortable with.
That probably didn’t help much.

I’m with Viper, another girl.


My advice ? Don’t do it.

When I was younger I tried something similar to this, only it was more of a trade off thing with another couple. It bothered me a lot afterward.

Just my 2 cents

hey… it was this or a coin toss…

Anthracite’s advice:

Find two women for your girlfriend, and you go out to a long movie. Or on a fishing weekend. Or vacation.

A female. I don’t know why I say that, I just do.

Let us know what you decide.


A guy.

Don’t know why, huh Nika? Have you ever considered the possiblities that await you as a bisexual woman? Nika, meet Boo Boos Tigress, Boo Boos Tigress meet Nika. Now you two please wait at my place and I’ll be there as soon as I get off work.

Feel free to entertain yourselves until I get home.

As for the OP, please put some serious thought into this before you decide to go through with it. This may seem like a bit of fun now, but could in the long run damage your relationship. As far as man or woman, which would you be more comfortable sharing your SO with and vice versa?

A dude.

I know of no dude willing to share his woman at the same time with another guy. You should have been upfront with the little lady and told her you wanted another woman.
I urge everyone to help Rift learn the error of his ways by voting for a guy.

A man.

Male. definitely male!

Good luck, and if you can’t be good be careful!!!


Oh Chief you just want to add to the counts for a guy so that the OP will have to either watch his girl get done by another guy or will even have to do the other guy. (You would expect your girl to do the other girl would you not? So, you should do the same if a guy is involved)

Hey, you could get a guy and let him give it to you in the ass while you are banging your gal. Then you can both do your gal.

If you choose a girl, there is no way you can do them both at the same time. The only benefit would be in watching the girls go at it.

Now I vote for adding the guy.

Hell go for a foursome and add a guy and a girl.