Fuller House

So has anybody checked it out yet? I went ahead with the first three. The first was a huge nostalgia-fest, the second made me worry that’s all it would be and thus would get old, but the third one seemed pretty good, so I decided to take a break on a high note.

The acting seemed better in the third one, too. The one thing I didn’t want to see back was the bad child acting that plagued the show early on.

And, yes, I know it’s schmaltzy. But sometimes I like that. All they have to do is keep me smiling.

I just heard that it was out today and plan on checking it out tonight. I read an article that said Stamos, who is an Exec. Producer, along with two other Exec Producers, wants to do a Season 2. In that People article it said several of the acters want to do another season as well. One Exec. Producer said he has talked to Mary-Kate and she said Ashley definitely doesn’t want to do it but she hinted she might be up for an episode or two, by saying if she did come back she would have to do Michelle all by herself.

I’m looking forward to it.

My daughter (10 years old) has been watching Full House constantly since before this was even announced. She wanted to stay up until midnight and/or watch it before she went to school this morning, she’s been talking about it for months.
We’ll probably binge watch the entire season Sat and Sunday.

We also watch Girl Meets World. She got me started on it, but I watched Boy Meets World growing up and it’s almost exactly the same show, right down to copying some of the same episodes. Slightly modernized, maybe a bit (just a bit) aimed at girls instead of kinda aimed at boys (again, just a bit) like Boy Meets World. But a lot of the same characters. Corey and Topenga all grown up with some kids.

I haven’t seen it (not a fan of the original), but Entertainment Weekly sure hated it.

Man, I just got done with the first 10 minutes of the first episode and as BigT said huge nostalgia fest and schmaltzy. I love it.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original it was just something I watched because there was nothing else on at that time of the day. I’m a huge fan of sitcoms. And this first 10 minutes, oh man, bringing back the feels.

I am so happy for Jodie Sweetin. She is looking so healthy. I’m so glad she got over her addictions and I really hope she is able to continue her sobriety.

Hey, WAITAMINUTE! That’s what Ashley said about Mary-Kate!


I got distracted for a bit but I also wanted to say that Kimmy is still Kimmy and I love it.

Okay I just finished episode one and man that was beautiful. On to episode dos equis.

Finished Dos Equis. Beautiful. Typical 90s sitcom just the way I like it. On to Tres Leches.

I clicked on this thread thinking it would be about geodesic domes.

My understanding is that Ashley has pretty much given up on acting in general, while Mary-Kate has always been still open to the idea, even though she retired in from it in 2012.

A lot of people were worried that Jodie Sweetin wouldn’t be able to act, since she’s not done it in a while. but she’s doing fine. So, ironically, Mary-Kate could wind up being the worst actress if she comes back.

(Then again, those twins…)

To sisters and brothers and who ever she is!!!

Just curious… as I haven’t seen or paid much attention yet to it… Do they include in the cast the twin boy cousins?

Elizabeth Olsen could easily play Michelle, she looks more like her sisters than they do themselves. Though I’m sure she’s too busy to do it.

Those are the twins I was referring to. They’re not main cast, but they were at least special guests in the first episode, along with everyone else who lived in the house, besides Michelle.

Their delivery was awful.

The Washington Post review was savage.

Fuck Hank Stuever. He is a cockbag.

Fuck you you piece of shit. What the fuck is wrong with people? “I don’t like this so it’s a piece of shit and no one anywhere should ever watch it or they are a piece of shit.”

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What the fuck is wrong with “critics”? Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t make the rest of us who do drooling imbeciles. God dammit. I hope you Hank Stuever get the most painful debilitating thing ever and die from it after 30 years of suffering in the most painful and shitting yourself way possible.

I honestly don’t understand people who will take another persons “opinion” on what is a good thing or a bad thing as the word of God.

Honestly people, try the shit out for your self. If you don’t like it, Cool Beans, awesome for you. If you do like it, Cool Beans, awesome for you.

But fuck dickball “critics” who think they have been divinely appointed to tell the rest of us what we should or should not like. Cunts.

I am my own people with my own brain and I will decide what I do or do not like. And I love this show. You “critics” cunts can go fuck a cactus.

I got through episode 4 last night but unfortunately I won’t have much time to more this weekend. But next week I should be able to get through the first season. God I am loving this show.

Oooh, I thought you were still referring to the Olsens… :slight_smile:

Well I see now that they’re recurring/guest actors, so they won’t be around as much, perhaps for family reunions?

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in my feed commenting about it yet.

This isn’t the reboot we need or even the reboot we want, but it’s probably the reboot we deserve.

Fuller House is a perfect way to answer the long-burning question: what if TV hadn’t gotten better since the 90s?

I saw the first episode, but haven’t watched beyond that yet. It was pretty much everything I expected and wanted it to be.