Fun stuff to do with a high speed connection?

I’m not accustomed to high speed, and when at home and on the internet I know there are times I just WISH I had that extra speed, but now I am on a computer with it and can’t think of what to do!

The rules,
-No big multiplayer games, like Halo or counterstrike.
-Nothing innapropriate.

I guess i’m looking for funny movies to watch within a browser or WMP.


I started a similar thread here a couple of years ago when I first got a 1.5mpbs connection at home: “what can I do with this power? (bwuh huh huh huh!)”

The responses I got then were:

  • Online gaming

  • Porn


After a couple of years of surfing, I’m not sure I can add much more than that. I’m assuming by “fast” you have a 1mbps connection or better. (I’m currently enjoying 3mbps). What I’ve found is that high speed internet doesn’t move you to some new, god-like level, but it removes quite a lot of the drudgery from computing and makes some of the “good stuff” available online more accessible.

For example, when MS Update (or Mac System Update, for that matter) offers to update a component, you click OK and go get coffee. Previously, you’d dither for a week, and click OK before going to bed or leaving for work.

Someone sends you a link to a Jon Stewart bit or a music video or trailer. You would have passed before, or downloaded for an hour and watched the low-quality version. It might even have been worth the trouble. Maybe. Now, you click the link, and watch in 20 seconds. Or less. And you always click the “best quality” link. You still weed through a lot of garbage that wasn’t worth watching, but you don’t waste as much time doing so. Well, hopefully.

I love high speed, and couldn’t do my ‘real’ job without it. But it tends to be a lot of essential, but mundane, stuff easily available, combined with a “crap at your fingertips” experience. YMMV.

You can waste quite a lot of bandwidth here. Or here. Or here. And other places. Have fun!

Here is the thread I’d started a couple of years ago.

What squeegee said. Since I got my faster-than-DSL university dorm connection, I’ve been facing the same problem. In general, what I’m doing is:

  • [list]
    [li]watching TV news programs via the internet (I don’t have a TV set);[/li][li]downloading and installing plenty of freeware I’m not going to use, such as PGP or open source clones of popular computer games (I’ve been looking for a Colonization clone, and I found Freecol. It gave me the opportunity to download even more plugins for my computer which Freecol needs, and in the end Freecol didn’t run nonetheless);[/li][li]departing from my former practice of saving lots of files I used on a special folder to be backed up on a CD-ROM, in case I have to format my drive - now I’m thinking "I can download those files another time if I need them;[/li][li]show my bandwith off towards friends by watching internet video clips that aren’t really worth watching.[/li]
    If you’re creative, there’s lots of fun stuff to do with good bandwidth. But I think the most important aspect is that your general attitude towards downloading large amounts of data changes: You have less respect towards large files, so to speak.

Download creative works, such as fanfiction, fanart, and homemade games. Some of the flash kinds are nice, but I am talking here about massive projects that thake months to make, and you have to download to use. Since most of what I download are emulated games for sytems that are no longer in much use, which ethically I shouldn’t link to, I would advise you to ask someone else about legal, hobbyist made games.