Fun time waster.

The Fly Guy.

and some other word beginning with “R”

Okay, but why would you want to waste fun time?

Wonderful. Simply wonderful. There need to be more things like this on the internet. I’d have to say that the construction monkey is my favorite, even though he doesn’t do anything.

I got a better idea of a Fun Time Waster - SEX - Wastes Time and its Fun.

Great, just great. Between Fly Guy, the snowflake maker thing, and the SDMB, I’m never going to get anything done. EVER.

I like the old wise man on the cloud. Raise da roof!

Beat ya there. :smiley:

What? I have to have something to gloat about in my life.

Wow. You guys have no idea how much I would like to be that guy in real life.