Fun wirh Google Voice Mail

So my company switched over to GMail. Not bad, saves some cash and it works well.

And on top of that, it adds a nice dose of comedy to my day.

I am in IT and do on call. Our new mail system takes the voice messages, interprets them and forwards off the actual message along with a text version of the message. Below are some of Google interpretations.

Says Gmail. And

I think I am going to create a book by selecting the best phrases and stringing them together into poems.

Yeah, I’m singing password
I need a mail bomb locked out of my table
but it says savings said a prayer

If I don’t get the option to push for president, anywhere anymore anyways
She’s out of town right now with the on my thank you
number’s 7 fight down pretty
the bathroom moving


Note, I removed phone numbers and last names for the obvious reasons. Also note, no bombs were used in the creation of these voice mails.

I have Google Voice Mail (got a Google phone number a few years back) and get those same kind of weird-ass messages that make no sense whatsoever.

For me it is OK - I only give that phone number to businesses (not friends or family) so most of the messages are irrelevant and unimportant anyway - but still fun to try to figure out what the hell they really said. BTW, in case people were wondering, you can indeed go in and hear the original message - but fun to read the gobbldygook that comes in terms of translated message.

Hmm…I wonder what it would look like if I called my own number and left a message in German…I might just give that a try!

Do you donate them to the “was this translation useful” thing?

My translations are totally weird. Sometimes they pick words that are sort of related logically, but no where near what was said phonetically. They also throw in entire phrases that mean nothing and there is no where in the audio that they could have found the phrase.

What really sucks is they get a telemarketer message dead on (instead of dumping it as a telemarketer).

I think Google Voice Mail translation is some sort of weird alien experiment.