Fun with Broken Glass

Ah, Fall. Time to get everything in order for winter. Gotta get around to replacing those cracked window panes.

(long description of the difficulty of removing window panel from surrounding frame omitted.)

Ok, now to remove the cracked pane so I can replace the glass. WTF? Someone used silicone caulking instead of glazier’s putty to seal the glass? (mutter mutter).

Oops, knocked out the broken section of glass. Gotta be careful of that exposed edge. Damn, this friggin’ caulking is tough to remoAAAAHHHHH!

Fortunately I didn’t need stitches, and no sign of infection. But still a bummer.


I ran through, not into, through 4 sliding glass doors in the space of 36 hours back when I was 11.

Didn’t get a scratch.

Muldoon… You… How? Why?


“He handed me a piece of mirror and suggested that I might like to peel my face off with it. It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

I’m picturing that door display way in the back of a Lowe’s or Home Depot and our Muldoon being chased by a forklift or something along those lines.

Either that, or Muldoon was attempting to become the world’s youngest Joanna Cassidy impersonator.

I guess you won’t be buying Dan Aykroyd’s “Bag o’ Glass” for any kids this holiday season, then…

Muldoon, now you have our curiosity. Were you just really accident prone?

No, it happened at my parents house and a neighbors house in the spring.

Both houses had sllding glass doors whcich if you slid them back, would rest between a slding screen door and another door length pane of glass.

In both instances we were having a cookout and I’d been called to come and eat and I just ran at the wrong :smack: side of the door.

And no, I haven’t really been accident prone, unless you want to talk about car accidents, which is probably a different thread.

I broke a window in a garage door at Lady Baggins’ house about a month ago. Got it fixed and swept everything up and made the explicit statement to NOT go into the garage with bare feet, because there may still be broken glass that I didn’t get. So, who’s the first person to forget and go into the garage barefoot? Yes, me. I ended up getting a big sliver of glass in my big toe.

I know, not as dramatic as running through glass doors, but hey, I got injured.