Fun with DOS

I was talking to a fellow dork the other night and we were making sexual commands out of DOS (heretofor known as Dick Operating System). The best one we came up with was as follows:

C: <enter>:


Hilarity ensued.

Why limit it to commands from DOS?

C: unzip /fly/.

Ok you have to use your imagination a bit for the astriks.

I need some help with the “.” part. I am reading it star dot star but it doesn’t make as much sense to me.

Penis and testicles, I believe. Or something like that.

That is an awfully small penis. Maybe it was “pucker dot pucker” or something?

Well, when you´re looking right at it, so obviously you only see a dot. If it´s getting soft again and falls down, it´ll look like this |
Hopefully that helped :p~

Reminds me of the joke about O.J.'s typing skills:

//##\## <esc>

Oh that one is cruel, jackelope. I like it!