Fun with firebug.

We need to find you a girl. Or a project car. Or a 3rd world country in desperate need of a new dictator.

Yes to 1 and 3.

My best Firebug story (I’ve told this one before):

So the iPhone 4 came out here, finally, on our main cell provider’s network. I actually went to their site right after the announcement and there were some in stock, but I wanted to check the contract and features and all that junk. By the time I went back, they were sold out.

Being a sore loser, I shook my fist at the screen. On a stupid whim, I opened up Firebug and looked at the page. (This is not an odd occurence for me, as I make websites for a living and love to look at other people’s code to see how they did things.) Lo and behold…the Add to Cart button was set to display:none.

I unhid it. I clicked Add to Cart, thinking I’d just be rejected further into the checkout process when they checked the inventory.

I got my shiny new iPhone 4 early the next week. :smiley:

I liked that story :slight_smile: Makes me wonder what company processes are involved behind the scenes.


I thought this was going to be about arson.

That is brilliant! I have to remember that!

I needed a price match at a local store. In order to do that you had to print out a copy of the item from a competitors website, and you had to be able to purchase it at a local brick and mortar store. The item I wanted, at the competitor’s store was “ONLINE ONLY”, I saved the website, edited out the “ONLINE ONLY”, saved the file, reopened the local file, printed out and the other store matched the price. I was sort of expecting them to pull up the website themselves to verify everything, but they didn’t.