Fun With Poop

And I thought that was one of the strangest things I would ever see. I was wrong.

I have two questions:

But you have to clean the thing afterwards, right?

It is a joke, isn’t it?

In one it’s a joke, in another it isn’t. They actually sell this and Stool Samples as gag gifts.



My favorite is the “Churro Turd.”

I’m so glad these are Dishwasher safe!

They’re just reinventing the wheel.

I’ve been using the PlayDough forms for years.

Wow! I can sell my stool samples? Gnarly.

Well, you know how there are web sites like, rate my face, rate my girlfriend? Well, guess what? Yes, there is one for this body item too. Although I won’t post the url–butt it’s out there.

butt. (giggle)

Sent my brother a set as a gag gift about a year ago. The instruction manual has to be one of the funniest things every printed.

IIRC, this was in Weird Earl’s a year or so ago.

This IS a joke, right? Or do people seriously use these things?

I wonder if there’s a Turd Art museum somewhere…

Well, there’s Bird Turd Art, complete with an on-line exhibition. Is that close enough?