Fundamentalist Christians: will you say this prayer?

Would the Fundamentalist Christians here be willing to say this prayer? If not, why not?

Today, I humble myself before thee, O LORD. Let me serve you with all my heart and all my mind.

I know that willingness to change is not a betrayal of you.
Open-mindedness is not watering down the truth. Let me not be like the Pharisees, who believed themselves your most devoted servants, even as their efforts took them further from you.

Help me to know the wonders of the works of thy hand, O Lord. Let
me discuss your ways with an open mind. If my knowledge of your
creation is correct, grant me the eloquence to convince others.
If my knowledge of your creation is wrong, help me to understand
how evolution could be a more wondrous creation than what I had previously believed.

If someone argues that you don’t want me to be a Christian, I will
listen, and consider that they might be your servant, which you
in your infinite wisdom have sent to minister to me. If their argument is false, then give me the eloquence to show them where they have erred. But if their argument is sound, I will reject Jesus as a stumbling-block, and turn to the true worship of you, O Lord.

Help me to see Your truth, O Lord.




Isn’t that entirely un-Christian?

The problem I see with that prayer is that it seems contrary to fundamentalist Christianity. So, being a contradiction, it wouldn’t make sense in a Christian mind to say it. To answer your question: no, because it’s a contradiction to their principles.

Now to wait for someone to come up with a corresponding prayer! Or is a corresponding “prayer” - say, to logic - possible?


Thanks again for pithy, Shodan!

Ben, you forgot to add this bit:

Oh, Lurd, let me be open-minded, tolerant, progressive enuff to reckon y’all didn’t mean a’tall wha’ chu said in that thar book, and if’n we could only open our eyes a shard, why it’s to be sure’n that we’d find true enlightenment and acceptance of ever’thing under the sun. A little smidgin’ updating and we’ll be settin’ purty fer sure. Amen, Bubba, amen.

Ben it blaringly obvious you don’t even have an inkling on what it means to be christian so why bother with such drivel as your OP?

I’ll pray for you Ben.


Lurd, Son of Og

[sub]laughing my ass off[/sub]

But notice the key word: **If[/ib] it’s wrong, show me the truth. If it’s right, help me convince others.

Of course, it might be contrary because of that. Fundamentalism is unwilling to even consider the possibility that it is wrong.

Then how about this prayer -

*Dear Lord, teach us your will, and give us strength to follow it, wherever it leads. If it is your will to punish homosexuals for the sins of their bodies, give strength to us that we might drive sin from our land. If it is your will to defeat the infidel Muslims, then send death and destruction upon them. If it is your will to punish the ungodly, then give us the courage to do so.

If not, then never mind.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


That was good, too Sho.

What if we turn it around?

“Allah, if I’m wrong, and you really want me to be a Christian, please give me the open-mindedness to reject the Koran as a stumbling-block and accept Jesus.”

Would it be a good thing for a Muslim to say that?

Also, how many FC’s in this thread believe themselves to be inerrant, and how many believe that they are capable of making a mistake, just like all the Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and atheists in the world?

Since I’m not aware of Jesus condoning death and destruction off the top of my head, I’m afraid that for this follower of Him, that prayer’s out.

Two of my closest friends are former Christians who are not going back to Christianity. In the early days of our friendship, we said, “Now, I’m not trying to convert you” more times than I can count. For me to try to reconvert them to Christianity would be an insult to their honor and their integrity, and I would no more do so than they would try to convert me to their religion, Wicca.

Jesus did not try to make the Samaritan woman at the well a good Jew, although he did reveal Himself to her as the Messiah. Instead, as I read things, He met people where they were.

I freely admit I could be wrong about my faith. Christianity has provided me with benefits beyond compare, some of them quite worldly and practical; other less so. My faith in God is absolute and one of the cornerstones of who I am. Nevertheless, I admit the possibility exists that my faith could change, although right now that feels about as likely as the possibility of me being killed by a meteor strike before I finish this post.

I’ve been known to hang out with non-Christians, even be a sort of “stealth Christian.” In doing so, I’ve learned what makes some people outright hostile towards us and one of those things is that they perceive us as being arrogant and inflexible, unable to admit the possibility that we are wrong. Two of the key tenets of my faith is that all men are sinners and that Christ came into the world to save sinners. When Christians focus too much on the sinfulness of others, while not mentioning their own sins and not speaking of Christ’s forgiveness, I think we come off as arrogant, too.

Ben, I could pray your prayer a lot more easily than I could Shodan’s. Then again, if the only way I could be a Christian would be to adopt the Fundamentalist model, that would change the possibility of me giving up Christianity into a near certainty.


I don’t think any FCC thinks THEY themselves are inerrant.
We sure are not.
vanilla, mistake maker.

And what if we take out the parts that question Christianity, and leave in the parts about evolution? Would you say the prayer then?

On the contrary, I’ve met many who believe that their religious beliefs are inerrant on a par with God. GOM and Fuel have both deflected scrutiny of their beliefs by telling people that questioning them is tantamount to questioning God. In this thread, we have absolutely zero FC’s who are willing to humble themselves before God and receive instruction. Why? It seems to me that they believe that their religious ideas are inerrant, even if they aren’t so blatantly blasphemous about it as Fuel and GOM are.

Vanilla, why don’t you say the prayer?

(P.S. What’s the second C for?)

Why would anyone want to pray for anything other than true knowledge of their god’s will for them, and the power to carry out said will?

Okay, I will say it.
Oh, I’d thopught you typed FCC, instead of FC.
This isn’t a communications thing, then.
I’ve been known to question if God cares, not that He exists.

Actually, I have been a Christian longer than I have been an atheist. I was a fundamentalist Christian for many years.

I find your response interesting. The prayer is a prayer of humility before God and an admission of one’s own fallibility and the limits to one’s own human understanding.

And that, to you, is such blaringly obvious drivel that you conclude that I have no idea what Christianity is about.

You said it, not me.


Good for you! I said it long ago, and it changed my life.

Can you think of any way to help other FC’s humble themselves before God?

Question that God exists? What does that have to do with this thread?

I don’t know. But from what I’ve heard, that kind of thing is so antithetical to Christianity that most of the (fundamentalist) Christians in this thread have found the idea to be outright laughable.

Admittedly, there are Christians like Siege who feel differently, but we all know they’re false teachers who water down the Truth, right?

Ok, now I’m really confused. To me, the ultimate prayer is very similar to what Qadgop posted: “In the end, O Lord, not my will, but Thy will be done.” To me, all else is ultimately noise and vanity. I am to serve God, not myself.