Fundamentalist Christians: will you say this prayer?

Why do you have to add the modifier Fundamentalist? I’m just christian with all my faults and sins, here to serve and not to judge.

I pray for courage to face the day and its challenges and pray for humanity to find the courage to do good instead of evil.

I pray for him to watch over me and bless me and allow me to be a blessing to others, expand my borders and knowledge, keep his spirit with me, protect me from harm and evil so that I will be free of pain.

I was using irony. Ok, let’s be honest- I was using sarcasm.

Siege, I find your position to be commendable. I was just pointing out that the Christianity practiced by most of the Christians in this thread is a religion so antithetical to our ideas about humility before God that we’re basically laughed out of court.

What you have “heard” is nothing but lies about Christianity, in that case.

Funny, I thought you just said:

So let’s make a list:




Fear Itself
Are you calling these FC’s liars?

Oh, and I forgot: what about Fuel and GOM? Are they liars?

I’m not judging you Ben. I was merely pointing out the obvious. Sorry to offend.

No, you were judging me. Surely you’re honest enough to admit that?

Unless you’re using some wacky biblical definition of “judge” then yes, you were judging Ben. Of course, this is just the “do as I say, not as as I do” hypocrisy that I have seen from “Christians” time and time again.

Not that I expect anyone to ever be capable of going very long without judging another person. Christians do it as much as everyone else; It’s just that they do it while proclaiming how no one should do it.


Well, I guess I missed the part where your prayer was all that humble before God.

I pray to be God’s faithful servant. I pray that He will make me an instrument of His will. But I don’t pray for a set of Cliff Notes on “The Truth” about this that or the other minor human disagreement. Somehow that seems less than humble, to me. Actually it seems more like trying to recruit God to be on my side in a fight I want to start.

Theology is a human thing. It’s just another sort of politics, at its most benign. It’s a smoke screen under which petty evil can grow into hellish horror under less benign circumstances. So, I don’t pray for it.

I witness to the glory of the Lord, and His love for man. Sometimes I have to resort to words. Mostly that is ineffective, but in some places words are all I have. But mostly, I pray that I will not harm another, and that I might be able to bring love to some child of God who has a need.


If I saw you hit someone in the face would I have to judge it to be true? It would be obvious to all who witnessed the event. Likewise, Ben, your swipe at “FC’s” (to use your term) does not require me to judge it to be so.

It is your statement, you said it as intended. It does not require any judgement on my part for anyone else to see it as anything but ignorance of christianity. I merely commented on the fact.

You did not merely comment on Ben’s post. You also called it “drivel”. That goes beyond stating fact and crosses over into the realm of judgment.

How on earth is it a swipe at fundamentalist Christians?

I just call it like I see it, no judgement necessary. Ben I was trying to give you credit for some intelligence.

“How on earth is it a swipe at fundamentalist Christians?”

If you have to ask the question I feel my credit has been misplaced.

Raised as a fundamentalist Christian - no TVs, radios, (dammit!)
Eh, Ben - I’ll pass on the prayer.

If you search for truth, you will criticize no one. You will be too busy researching to do that.

You will be comparing notes and sharing ideas. Religion and science and skepticism and atheists are closed-ended belief systems. Truth seekers are all over the place, while the others crouch in their boxes and hurl insults at each other.


\Skep"tic, n. [Gr. skeptikos thoughtful, reflective, fr. skeptesqai to look carefully or about, to view, consider: cf. L. scepticus, F. sceptique. See Scope.] [Written also sceptic.] 1. One who is yet undecided as to what is true; one who is looking or inquiring for what is true; an inquirer after facts or reasons.
Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary
By definition, a skeptic is open minded.

and by practice on this board the exact reverse.

Ben…You missed one…:smiley:

Nice prayer btw.

Are you searching for truth Leroy?




Thank you, May-aaaaah-tros.