Funniest fight scenes?

Inspired by this recent thread:

What are the most amusing (whether the comedy is intentional or not) fight scenes from movies and TV?

Gotta give props to the Zucker brothers:

The girl scout brawl in Airplane!

The underwater barroom brawl in Top Secret!

From Evil Dead 2. Ash’s hand turns evil and attacks him: Who’s Laughing Now?

Warning: Not for the weak of stomach.

The infamous fight scene in They Live was my first thought.

I also think that Uma Thurman’s fight with Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill pt. 2 is funny in a weird way. The whole thing is just so brutal that I can’t help but laugh (and that’s not a negative criticism; I think the whole thing is brilliant).

That’s why I came in here. I’d add the long fight scene at the end of Blazing Saddles and at least one fight from every Jackie Chan movie.

The Nicholas Cage vs John Goodman fight in Raising Arizona.

Yeah, I’d say Blazing Saddles, too: the brawling cowboys and townsfolk burst through the wall onto the film set with all of the gay top-hatted dancers (“Not in the face!” and “Get him, girls!”), then the studio commissary (look carefully, and you’ll see the actor playing Hitler climb on top of a table and do the Nazi salute in every direction), before spilling out onto the street.

I’ve also always liked Scotty and his men taking on the Klingons at Space Station K-7 in ST:TOS “The Trouble with Tribbles,” as Cyrano Jones tries to make it to the door without spilling any booze.

The lost pie fight from the end of Dr. Strangelove is/would be good, too.

There are two in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World worth noting: Jonathan Winters vs. the garage station guys, and Milton Berle vs. Terry-Thomas.

The one from ‘Undefeatable’.

Bad on so many levels.

Was it even meant to be taken seriously?

(I tried to provide a direct youtube link but it comes up as flagged. Chances are you’ve seen it.)

I like the pathetic fight between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in the first Bridget Jones’s Diary movie.

All of the fight scenes in The Great Race.

*Baron von Stuppe: Well, Mr. Leslie. I had expected to see you again, but… eh… Not with a sword in your hand. Are you partial to the foil?
Leslie: Not particularly. It happened to be convenient.
Baron von Stuppe: I presume you know how to use one.
Leslie: I hope that won’t be necessary.
Baron von Stuppe: I’m sure you do.
Leslie: Will you release Ms. Dubois and the others?
Baron von Stuppe: No…
Leslie: I’m afraid this will be necessary.
Baron von Stuppe: You’re being very foolish, Mr. Leslie.
Leslie: That’s an assumption, Baron. You make me the victim even before we start!
Baron von Stuppe: [shrugs] It’s your life…
Leslie: [gestures with sword] You’re assuming again. *

The big mud pit fight in McLintock!

*George Washington McLintock: You know, if we had any moral character, we wouldn’t be standing here covered with mud drinkin’, when we should be washing.
Drago: [raises his glass] G.W.?
George Washington McLintock: [raises his glass] Drago.
[they click glasses and down their drinks] *
The classic fistfight in The Quiet Man.

*Ignatius Feeney: A pound on Thornton against the Squire!
Michaleen Flynn: Go away, you traitor, you! *

The first hand to hand fight scene in Team America: World Police has me rolling every time.

Jon Lovitz and Jeffrey Jones squaring off with short-swords in Mom and Dad Save the World.

Wesley vs. Inigo in The Princess Bride, of course. Hell, Wesley vs. Fezzick, Vizzini, and Humperdinck are all classic. The Inigo vs. Rugen fight isn’t very funny, aside from Rugen’s initial flight.

What Jackie Chan movie is it with the drunken monkey fighting style? The fight in the marketplace is pretty funny.

Also, the duel at the end of the Firefly episode “Shindig” is funny right at the end, where Mal has Atherton Wing on the ground.

Mal: Mercy is the mark of a good man.
Pokes him in the shoulder with sword.
Mal: Guess I’m just a good man.
Pokes him again.
Mal: Well, I’m all right.

I don’t know if that counts for the thread, though, because the duel itself isn’t especially funny, just that bit at the end.

Xander vs. Harmony during an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the catfight scene in Undercover Brother was hilarious.

Adam Sandler versus Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore. It won an MTV Movie Award for this category, IIRC.

While it was never meant to be comedic, the Yoda vs. Dooku fight from Attack of the Clones. I laughed my ass off during that scene, to the annoyance of many other theater goers.

Seriously; it looks like someone has a Yoda puppet on a long stick, and they’re trying to smack Christopher Lee upside the head with it.

I liked the fight scenes in early Family Guy, such as:
Gumbel 2 Gumbel: Beach Justice
Lois vs. Gloria Ironbox
(and of course the hated Peter vs. the Chicken Man)

It seemed to me they were taking good advantage of the medium.

Yep. 'Tis the one I was going to mention.