Funniest moments in video games

I was just playing Super Smash Brothers Melee with Zelda/Sheik against Level 4 Kirby and Roy, 3 stock on Jungle Japes (the old-style DK stage that has to be unlocked). Roy was knocked out, so it was me with one life and 30ish% damage against Kirby with one life, 58%. We’re on the top right platform - the one that’s tilted - and as Sheik, I kick Kirby up. The Level 4 AI decides to do Kirby’s “immoveable object” move for some ridiculous reason, and the predictable happens: Kirby plummets down to the platform, slides off and below the stage (and since it’s a timed move, he can’t just jump up again). Absurdly stupid SD!

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I can’t really think of funny moments for me. I guess the closest I would have cavalry charging head on into my phalanxs, but that’s all I got.

Funny. I was going to say the same thing. I just chuckle watching the general fly over my formations because he was dumb enough to lead a charge into spears.

Actually, speaking of general killing, I had the amusing luck to drop a catapult-stone straight on top of one in the initial barrage of a city in Rome: Total War. I love it.

I must say, it is a beautiful sight to watch the enemy of around 1500 men fighting toe-to-toe with my phalanx, only to be outflanked by my cavalry, then a domino effect of routing enemy.

The best part is when you look on percentages killed and yours is around 3% and then enemy is 100%.

When I’m tired of being attacked, I make it to where the enemy doesn’t have anyone left in his army.

Ok, I’ll shutup now.

It was pretty funny in Medieval: Total War when I was being attacked across a river with two bridges. I had about as many men and was a bit heavier in cavalry, plus I had two ballistae and/or catapults.

The enemy of course attacked me over only one bridge: the same one that had the war machines guarding it. Then, I crossed the other bridge with my cavalry and attacked him in the rear. He was trapped on the bridge with no way out and pelted by my war machines: w0o+!

I was playing a game of Battlefield: 1942 when I saw this. A player in a Sherman tank spotted a dive bomber coming in on him. The tanker took quick aim and blasted the plane out of the sky with his main gun – an impressive shot. The tanker’s bragging was short-lived, though, as the wreckage of the plane crushed his tank, killing him instantly.

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“My father? You mean my dad?”

– Fei Fong Wong, of Xenogears.

There are a ton of little funny moments in the Final Fantasy series. Like when the stoic hero of FF7 tells the token black guy that the sailor suit makes him look like “A bear wearing a marshmellow.”


Dungeon Keeper 2
Your evil minions dance to Jackpot Fever in the casino, whenever a minion wins.

Not sure if it really counts as funny or not, but I was playing mario Kart DS today and got near-simultaneously inked in the face, clobbered with a turtle shell, and nuked from orbit in the space of one second. :frowning:

One of the classic funny things is “why do you keep touching me?” from Warcraft 2.

And of course, there’s something about all your bases, and who they belong to…

I was playing the Playstation version of Jeopardy and was entering Final Jeopardy with a high score. Alex Trebek says, “the outcome of this game appears certain. That is of course, unless one of our contestants pulls a Clavin.” Those who remember the Cheers episode where Cliff was a contestant on Jeopardy will get this reference.

I know that Tales of Symphonia made me laugh out loud once, but I can no longer remember just which scene it was. It was really late at night and I’d been power leveling for hours. I think it had something to do with Genis and Zelos. Maybe…

Hmm. Final Fantasy IX had it’s moments, too. I don’t know. Most things in video games that are meant to be humorous, I rarely find funny. Eh.

Oh, wait. Naked Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was very amusing. Uhm, or at least I thought it was. Better than the horribly misleading Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Naked Snake wasn’t naked at all. I want my money back. <:mad:>

I’ve seen at least one occurence on the real Jeopardy! show in which the contestant wrote down for their Final Jeopardy! question (not knowing the question) a variant of Cliff’s famous “three people who have never been in my kitchen” response.

Pretty much everything from the old SpaceQuest series.
“What’s the speed of light in a vacuum?” :slight_smile:

What happened on Cheers?

Cliff’s on, and all through the first and second rounds, the categories are absolutely perfect for him. Things like “Beer” and “Postal Service History” (or something). He’s a runaway leader into Final. Like 4 times greater than the second place. And in Final, he actually wagers so much (all of it?) that despite the fact that he should win, he loses. As mentioned, his response to the Final question, which is about the only thing he didn’t know the entire game, was “Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?”

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