Funniest moments in video games

I recently got through with the game Psychonauts, which was totally awesome and should be played by everyone (seriously, it’s criminal how few people have played this game). Anyway, the little lungfish in Lungfishopolis really crack me up. “Freedom!”

“So, no one’s gonna get upset if I start smashing everything?” “No!..well, maybe one guy.”

Not to mention the TV broadcasts. “The Navy will fight back with what they’re most famous for…airplanes!” And, “We have learned that Goggalor has teamed up with the Lungfish Liberation Front, and informants tell us they spent last night popping pills and soliciting inexpensive call girls.”

The Deception series of games is a comedy gold mine when played by a skilled enough player. I have a friend who is a virtuoso with them. Whenever a new installment comes out, we go to his place and camp out for a few hours just to watch the carnage.

When you stole a pick-up the automatic music station choice always played “The menfolk found their women scary, cos they were so big and hairy…” :slight_smile:

Sometimes games are amusing because of one lucky move that the game engine turns into something more magnificent than it should be. Like bashing someone with starman in Mario Kart 64 and instead of just sending them into a spin throwing them up and over a wall at the final bend and sending them into last place.

Or Operation Flashpoint, when I was too successful on a mission, I ended up saving one of my men when the game script wanted him dead. Until he died, I wasn’t allowed to leave a village. I figured that one out after crossing about 5mins worth of map. So to progress, I had to come back to the village, find my team mate and shoot him through the head. When I did that, my character said (rather mournfully) “So, I’m all alone again.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of all, and I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of thread to put this into, was my AWOL missile in TIE Fighter on the PC. One of the last missions has you defending a convoy of freighters from attack by rebelling Imperials. I was wiping the floor with them, IIRC I had a Missile Boat, an extraordinarily powerful ship. But one last Imperial, followed by a missile turned before running into one of the freighters and in a move that was worthy of any cheap space opera, the missile couldn’t dodge in time and went straight on, careening into the frieghter and losing the mission for me :smiley:

“Go for the eyes, Boo, gpt fpr the eyes!”

You can get all sorts of reactions like that (in the full game) if you break in to one of the offices, steal the basketball, and start bouncing it off people. I also have had a little too much fun bringing all the houseplants I can find into the boss’ office.

I posted this next one before, but my post killed that thread, so I’m posting again, so there.

In Deux Ex I had just managed to disable one of those gigantic security robots using an EMP grenade tossed through a doorway, when along comes a friendly mechanic, shooting at the robot with a pistol. Under normal circumstances a pistol is useless next to a security bot, but this was a persistant mechanic against a bot that wasn’t shooting back. The mechanic would fire off six shots, reload, and continue shooting. Over and over again. I just stood back and watched. Guy must’ve kept firing for fifteen minutes or so, until he was finally able to destroy the robot.

Sadly, the mechanic was killed in the resulting explosion.

This is going back a ways, but in the first couple of games in the “Lunar” series (Lunar: The Silver Star and Lunar: Eternal Blue) the English translations were often very funny–the translators obviously knew what they were doing and were having a lot of fun with them. For example, there were numerous references to Ghaleon’s (one of the game’s most powerful characters) secret love for ABBA and his extensive collection of their records. I don’t remember the rest of them, but they were sprinkled liberally throughout the game.

She says that if you mess with her computer or stuff on her desk. Your corpse drop probably just bumped the right things. Still amusing though.

In my old copy of Star Trek Armada (a TNG themed RTS), when playing as Microsoft…errr…the Borg, I would set up a defense phalanx around the wormholes used to travel across the map, the exit wormhole would be surrounded by disruptor cannons and photon torpedo turrets.
as the enemy ships exited the event-horizon of the wormhole, they were SLAMMED hard by multiple weapons strikes, most smaller ships took two hits to destroy, some of the larger ships (Soviergn class/Warbirds/Gre’Thor class) were able to make it almost past the phalanx…

that’s why I also had a battalion of Cubes waiting to assimilate any surviving ships

the thing was, the AI never learned any new strategies, once i had a wormhole enclosed in a phalanx, I was safe from attack

Heh, stupid AI…

In a similar manner, when playing Command and Conquer; Generals, I fortify the entrance points to my base, the border is hardened, USA using Patriot Missle batteries (all linked and sharing targeting data), China using a combination of Gatling turrets, Dragon Tanks creating a defensive firestorm, and backed up by Nuke cannons, it’s funny to see the terroristic GLA attempt to breach base defenses, only to suffer a hailstorm of lead, napalm and mushroom clouds

and just like in Armada, the AI never learns, it’ll still send in GLA foot soldiers, only to have them vaporized by a thermonuclear detonation…

They’ve recently upgraded a lot of the NPC dialogue on City of Heroes. I looked forward to checking out my favorite group: A set of anarchist cyborgs called ‘The Freakshow’. They already had funny dialogue (“Hey, did you ever think we should give up this self-destructive life-style?” After you get them: “Ah, too late, I guess.”), and the upgrade did not disapoint. Last night, sneaking around a corner, two were chatting:
“Do you think the other patrols are having the same conversation we are right now?”

I almost fell out of my chair.

And, of course, winner of the best line of all, from a Freakshow cyberneticist who’s had you help him build a super-cyborg (in City of Villains) that goes berserk:
“I only wanted to create a metal-encased juggernaut of destruction powered by an unknown glowing alien crystal! How could it have gone so wrong?!”

And in the expansion “I bet you never touch the guys that way.” From that female hero.

Me: Traditionally in RPGs if you have a warrior you set his intelligence as low as possible so as to max your other stats. In NWN they caught on to this, and if you set your intelligence low you start talking like a total idiot. “Me want food. Me kill.” It took us several minutes of conversation to catch on, too. Who’s the dolt? :smiley:

Also, I have told this story before, but we were playing…SoF I think, online. Anyway, there was one guy on there who was ranting about lesbians. Not against them, just:

We were trying to change the map but you either need a majority or all the players to agree, I can’t remember which. And he wouldn’t agree! Simply going on and on about lesbians. So we responded:

To which he responded

But still wouldn’t change. It was freakin’ hilarious.

Still another good one was when the SO and I were playing a very difficult map of Age of Empires…basically there was no way you could beat it alone. It was just me and the SO against several computer opponents. One of the opponents (purple I think) was set to “Sea attack only”. Anyway I noticed a whole line of purple coming toward us. I looked at them. “Hmm. Trade wagons,” I thought. “A whole bunch of them. The AI must be screwed up.”
I check my SO’s base and I see him furiously scrambling, building up troops, strenghthening his base. I look back at the “trade wagons” and click on one.

It says, “Korean War Wagon.” :eek: It was the first time I’d played that particular AoE and had never seen them before! The water AI had found a way around and built thousands upon thousands of war wagons and we were not ready for a land-based invasion from that side. You should have heard me over the Roger Wilco: “Why are you building up so much? What’s going on - AAAAHHH!”

All right, so I’m hijacking my own thread, but I have a few questions that don’t deserve their own thread.

  1. Why is it that Roy is the second-to-last unlockable character (by Vs Mode matches) in SSBM? All you have to do using the other method is play (not win, just play) Vs. Mode with the original 14 characters, beat Marth when he comes, and then complete Classic/Adventure (I don’t remember which) with him and beat Roy. Surely nobody thinks this is remotely comparable to playing 900 Vs. matches. Same deal with Luigi, only more so.
    Ranchoth, do you remember what level of FF that was? And what difficulty, since that sometimes matters?

Dangit, I can’t remember the rest.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: The Streets of Rage series of beat-em-ups had a feature that showed a tiny picture of every enemy’s face, and his “name” (multiple enemies had the same name.) In Streets of Rage 2, you fight an endless tide of red-headed thugs named “Galsia.”

Even as a kid, I wondered, “what kind of name is Galsia?”

Then 10 years later, I play an old copy of Streets of Rage 3. The same enemy is now named “Garcia.”


That’s hilarious!

I can’t remember if it was that series or a different one where a win brought up, in great big letters on the screen,


In World of Warcraft when fighting the Bloodlord, when people die, he’ll yell DING! as though he leveled up. And, when fighting Rend in UBRS, Nefarian yells out tactical moves such as “Get so-and-so, the one in the dress” (usually a male caster toon).


For the people who don’t know; it’s a platform game where you play as a psychic kid (Raz) who can enter other people’s minds. The levels you play are based on the people’s thoughts, dreams and issues. For example, the veteran general coach Oleander has war traumas, so his mind is filled with war experiences. But on the other hand we have the mathematic, repressed Sasha Nein. His level seems logical, clear and abstract… until we figure out his secrets and the place starts falling apart. Later on in the game, you visit an asylum, and the inhabitant’s levels are batshit insane to say the least. "I am the milkman! My milk is delicious!

There is just so much detail and SENSE in this game, it’s insane.

Raz: A deranged madman is building an army of psychic soldiers to take over the world! And there’s no-one who can stop him but us!
Lili Zanotto: [shouts] Oh, my God! Let’s make out!

Sasha Nein: Young man, I hope you’ve learned a lesson here today.
Raz: Yes, I have… that shooting things is fun and useful!

Just to add to this. As if that weren’t amusing enough, occassionally, after Mandokir yells ‘DING!’ Jindo the Hexxer shouts “GRATS!” from elsewhere in the instance :slight_smile:

I’ll second “Secret of Monkey Island”.

The whole game was a hoot. If the OP is looking for a particular moment…it would be when I figured out the the swordfight with the sword master wasn’t about fencing. Man, was I on the floor when I figured that out!

WoW has a lot of good ones. There’s a quest in Lakeshire with a line something along the lines of ‘You can’t call yoruself an adventurere until you’ve killed a few rats’. Many MMORPGs will start you out by killing rats. Actually, so does the human starting area, only they’re called kobolds :wink:

Another favorite of mine, from the same instance as Bloodlord, is that Hakkar will sometimes whisper threats at players. You can imagine my surprise when I walk in and see in grey text Hakkar threating to make my gnome into lunch. And from UBRS, they must’ve added new lines at some point, because twice I’ve seen Rend yell “I want those boots! Don’t touch that corpse!” (BTW, he doesn’t yell a name, just “Kill the one in the dress,” unless they changed it recently. Which I like, since most priests and healing druids wear robes.)

For anyone who’s played Guild Wars: Factions, if you haven’t already take a minionmaster with you through Vizunah Square and watch the beginning of the last cutscene. Turns out minions are Weh No Su.

Oh God. I remember being in the EB and looking at a game and going “Why the hell would they name it Salsa Frontier?” Loud enough where one of the employees said, “It’s Saga Frontier.”

Funny cursive script and all, you know.

Also funny about those giant bots is how crestfallen they seem to be when they lose sight of you. “Target lost”, they say, sounding as if they’re about to have a little cry.