Funniest Star Trek moment

How about when Scotty is in 10-Forward and asks Data for a real drink. Data pulls out something from Guinen’s personal stash and Scotty asks what it is. Data says, “It is…”, but then stops and looks at it quizzically. He then says, “It is…”, then stops again and takes a quick smell of it. Then he says, “It is green”.

I about fell off my chair when I saw that.

STIV The Voyage Home is a very funny movie.

One of my favorite bits is Kirk, Spock and the Mom from 7th Heaven in the truck and she asks them if they want to go get dinner.

Kirk says “Yes” and Spock says “No” and then they repeat themselves in slightly different tones and timing. A great comedy moment.

TOS frequently ended with a laugh. One of my favorites is from Mirror Mirror.

Spock “I on the other hand had a chance to observe your counterparts. They were savage, brutal, uncultured. A prime example of human beings.”
Kirk “I’m not sure but I think we’ve been insulted.”
McCoy “I’m sure.”

Or the end of Journey to Babel
McCoy “Well what do you know. I finally get the last word.”

But the funniest Worf moment is from DS9 Trials and Tribulations.

“We don’t like to talk about it.”

TOS had a lot of funny bits at the ends of episodes. At the end of “The Changeling,” the Nomad episode, I think Spock regrets not being able to study it, and Kirk says something like:

How do you think I feel? It thought I was its father. And look what it did for Scotty (resurrecting him). What a doctor it would have made! My son, the doctor.

Kind of gets you right here.

These are the only lines I know if in ST where you can tell Shatner is Jewish. ;j

After Tribbles the next funniest of TOS was probably “A piece of the Action”
This is the origin of Fizzbin which was the inspiration for Dragon Poker.
The exchanges between Spock & Kirk with the “Right”, “Check” “Check” “Right” were great.
The Crew trying to emulate Late 20’s Chicago Mob Style idiom was a lot of fun.


Kirk: I suspect you’re becoming more and more human all the time.
Spock: Captain, I see no reason to stand here and be insulted.

From TOS: The Devil in the Dark

Amok time:

Sulu: “I’ll rescue you, fair maiden!”
Uhura: “Sorry, neither.”

Damn, I was so thrilled to finally be able to use that smiley that I forgot these two:

In Piece of the Action, the fizzbin game, where Kirk makes up rules of a card game so complicated that he confuses the gangsters so thoroughly that he and Spock can get the drop on them.

And for some reason, when in “The Doomsday Machine” he gets a shot off at the intruder, the lines,
“Great, it’s coming after us. At least I think it’s great. Scotty, get us out of here!”
always cracks me up.

That’s not Amok Time.
Dang, I just recorded it on G4 but I can’t remembe the title.
Someone more knowledgeable than I will probably post before I do. :slight_smile:

It’s “The Naked Time.” Sulu is topless at the time and showing his nice abs. Uhura, sadly, is not.

One of the funniest lines I remember was Worf, in an epsode from TNG, proclaiming prune juice “a warrior’s drink!”

Having been forced to drink prune juice as a child, I must agree. :smiley:

From “Friday’s Child” TOS

Spock: They named the child Leonard James Akaar?
Kirk: Has a ring to it, don’t you think, Leonard?
McCoy: Yes, I think it does, James. What do you think, Spock?
Spock: I think you are both going to be insufferably pleased with yourselves for at least a month!


“Spock. Do you have the calculations for our return trip?”

“Just one damn minute, captain.”

I know STIV has been mentoined many times in the thread but I love this one.

And of course, that’s a call back to Scotty getting an alien drunk in the episode “By Any Other Name”.
When the alien passes out, Scotty grabs some alien device, and says, “I’ll take this to Captain Kirk.” Then passes out himself.

Star Trek was at its funniest when it wasn’t over the top.

Also from ST IV:

“Get the hell away from my whales!”
“They’re not the hell your whales.”

And in TNG, the two-parter where Leonard Nimoy guested - Picard and Data have to go on a Klingon ship to get to Romulus. When they’re in their quarters, Picard lies down on the hard bed and tries to get comfortable. Data stands motionless, facing toward Picard. After about 5 seconds, Picard sits up quickly - “Stop looking at me!”

Some I like :

Tom Paris says something like “He’s just a hologram ! How can he affect anything ?!” And the EMH promptly slaps him.

The scene where Quark in trying to explain some financial matters to Gowron and Gowron is getting this confused and panicked look on his face.

The scene where Sisko slugs Q. “Picard never hit me !”

The scene where this low-tech colonist is bugging Worf about what would happen if he was caught in the the ship’s anti-fire force field :
Worf : “You would suffocate and die.”
Colonist, intimidated : “Oh, that’s all right then.”

There’s a scene where Quark think’s he’s got hold of a treasure trove of stolen gold pressed latinum ( which is liquid latinum in gold bars ). He’s horrified to discover the latinum has been sucked out, leaving the hollow gold bars. He’s on his knees, with crumbled gold bars in his hands : “It’s gold ! Nothing but worthless gold !”

The scene where Vash as “Maid” Marion promptly tries to seduce the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The scene where the Vulcan in pon farr challenges Tom Paris to a duel over Torres, and she asks if she can choose a champion. When told yes, she chooses herself and beats the Vulcan silly.

That’s okay. You got to see her dance in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Hilarious scene. It was made even funnier by Scotty’s accent getting thicker as had more to drink.

She was late fifties by that point, and it was a body double. Besides, I’d have to WATCH ST:5 for that, and that clearly is unacceptable.

Early on in TNG Data is trying to explain he’s not just a soulless robot:

“If you prick us, do we not. . . leak?”

And in Unification Pt. 2, Commander Sela is drafting a speech for Ambassador Spock, to deflect attention away from the Romulan invasion. Sela says at one point she enjoys writing, and doesn’t have many opportunites to write.

Data says “Perhaps you would be happier in a different job.”

The look Sela gives him is priceless.

I forget which Star Trek movie it was, but they’re on the new Enterprise, and Scotty is saying about how he really knows this new ship (or words equivalent), then he turns around and walks right into a pipe or something and knocks himself out cold.