Funny funny jokes in threads

Inspired by this thread but certainly not limited to it.

What is with the stupid habit of posting unfunny jokes in the middle of threads? I’m not saying don’t ever post jokes because hey, I post them, but if you are going to semi-derail a thread with a one-liner is it too much to ask that at the very least your joke be 1) original and 2) funny?

Guys, really, the whole “Wonder Woman/Lynda Carter is an attractive female” angle was completely covered by the quoting of the Dr Katz episode (apparently in the mistaken belief that quoting something purported to be funny makes the one quoting it funny as well), there really was no need for three additional posts unamusingly commenting on the size and shape of her breasts and the likelihood that viewing said breasts would induce an erection.

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Because nothing says “funny” like the same jokes, over and over and over again.

heh heh… you said “breasts” … heh heh…

See? Classic.

They do it because they are people and that’s exactly what people do in real life conversations, where it is also sometimes annoying.

I have never posted an unfunny joke in the middle of a thread.

When I post them they are at the end of the thread.

In re: 2) So, don’t bother posting if I have a different sense of humor than you?


Wait that wasn’t funny.

Sheesh, I got chided for a lame Pit rant yesterday, but until now, I see that we hadn’t even come close to plumbing the depths of Lameness.

a) This is the SDMB. We’re all about the one-liners. Even the stupid, unfunny, unoriginal ones. Actually, I thought the comments were pretty amusing.
b) Why don’t you head down to the local Walmart and pick up a sense of humor? And some perspective while you’re at it? It * is * funny that a woman-empowerment icon such as Wonder Woman, ostensibly from a society that abhors males, would would wear an outfit that appears designed to entice.

Damn. It appears that Wonder Woman does give me would.

I thought those jokes were pretty funny. Maybe not “funny funny”, but definitely not unfunny.


Q: How many woman-empowerment icons ostensibly from a society that abhors men does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: That’s not funny.


Now THAT is funny!

huh huh … you said screw.

OK, well, you’re wrong, but moving on…

Well, no, the comments weren’t particularly funny, and not only were they not original to the idea of Wonder Woman, other than the first one they weren’t even original to the thread. One “Wonder Woman has big ol’ knockers” joke might be taken as amusing (were it not stale in humor and staggeringly obvious). Three in a row aren’t.

I dunno. Given that the comments so completely and utterly failed to trigger my lame post detector and given that others in this thread mentioned that they found them at least innocuous if not mildly humorous leads me to believe that the problem is you. Were I the type to speculate, (and I’m going to phrase this as delicately as I can) I’d speculate that maybe you’re not comfortable with the incursion of heterosexuality into your thread? I think you’re going to have to accept that in any discussion of Wonder Woman’s merits, the fact that she’s a very attractive woman in a skimpy costume is going to get raised.

As someone who appreciates the female form very much, I found the jokes pretty clumsy and not at all funny so I doubt very seriously that it’s a matter of heterosexual incursion.

As he said, one post here or there wouldn’t be an issue but when you get an awkward joke that is then followed up by two or three more say basically the same thing, it’s distracting and more than a little bit annoying.

It wasn’t my thread; I wasn’t the OP. My being gay isn’t the issue. The lack of humor and the repetition of the lack of humor is.

Somewhere, the ears of Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler just burst into flames…

There’s a guy, in one of our local hospitals (OUHSC), that does a new type of vasectomy procedure.

His name is Dr Wong.

Yar, I thoughts that be funny, ya see? Yar…