Inside jokes don't make you look clever. You look like you got a shiny asshole.

I’m referring to this thread, whereupon Skip Magic yells at me for calling somebody an attention whore. It turns out the OP was reviving some ancient convoluted wordplay thread from last millineum.

It’s like the geeks who get smug satisfaction from quoting obscure Monty Python lines that leaves the people around them scratching their heads. I sure put one over on them, Boy Howdy. No, you don’t look clever for doing so. You look like a epileptic blue-assed baboon showing off your chocolate starfish in public.

Inside jokes are fine when they come up during conversation. That’s something a close-knit group of friends inevitably do. But to start an inside joke thread out of the blue, much less one that only 2 people on the planet get, smacks of the most massive not-so-quiet desperation.

I *love * inside jokes.

I maybe female, but I’m a geek who quotes Monty Python.

And I find that thread completely stupid.

I agree that inside jokes (and those stupid “bring pie” non-sequiters) are lame, but you still shouldn’t insult people in non-pit threads.

I’m Ethilrist, and I support this thread.

Irony, too.

But you know, I don’t think he yelled at you at all.

How nice is that? I think you need to cool down, too.


Sadly, your OP is not only lame, but also wrong. The OP is referring to an online game that some of our members played several years back. Just because you’ve never heard of it, doesn’t make it an inside joke, or the OP an attention whore. Unless you want to restrict the discourse in MPSIMS strictly to subjects that you’re already familiar with?

And you do need to chill…

Stupid pittings don’t make you look clever. You look like you’re illiterate.

I read through the thread in the link. I’m pissed that I wasted my time.

KO You not only need to cool down, you need to request a lock on this thread. Please don’t lure other unsuspecting dopers into that YT’s thread.

Oh come on, BuddaDog. That was fun and I learned about something that, while I’ll never do it, others enjoy.

Shiny asshole? WTF? Stop with the inside jokes!

Oops. Wrong button BubbaDog.

OK, inside REFERENCE, Mr. Picky. And I never suggested restricting the forum to only subjects I’m familiar with, so put Mr. Strawman back in his box. Then break out your dictionary and look up “hyperbole.”

A) That was hardly yelling.
B) Ok, to those of us not in on the joke, it could be a waste of time or appear stupid. So ignore it.
C) I have no C.

You insulted a poster outside the Pit.

Now, instead of acknowledging that perhaps thart might have been a mistake, you attack the subject of the thread, because you didn’t know anything about it and made an inaccurate assumption.

Stop while you’re behind.

You mean stop while it doesn’t yet look like he’s got a shiny asshole.

What’s that mean anyway? I think that was my “C”, asking what that means.

Sounds like anyone’s appreciation of the thread’s content will pretty much allign with their interest in online gaming.

It’s really quite the useful, multipurpose thread in it allows some to re-established a kinship within which they can share a passion and yet also doubles as one with which I can quietly use in conjunction with two Tylenol PM and a warm glass of milk.

See, everybody wins.

Perhaps you should consult a doctor?

If you meant that as an inside joke, it’s absolutely hilarious. No, really! Opal would approve.

However, if it wasn’t meant that way, then, well. Heh.

The good way…yeah, yeah, that’s it the way that’s hilarious…


I can’t help but think that there’s some religious sect somewhere in tibet that was blasphemed by your statement. :smiley: