Funny prank, jackass (US Troops not MIA)

Our local paper featured a story about a local family who got a call about their husband/father who was in Kuwait. The caller informed the family that he was MIA and presumed dead. They gave enough information about the soldier to be credible.

The family followed up with the guy’s reserve unit and heard from the military that this was counter to their records and their methods. But they had some sleepless nights until word of the prank reached the guy’s CO and he allowed him to call on a direct line home to tell his wife it was not true.

The really awful thing was that this is not, apparently, an isolated incident. Some party or parties have been calling military families, pretending to be officials of the Army or Marines, and telling people their deployed loved one is MIA.

I can’t imagine who would find this funny. I wouldn’t mind putting a well-polished marine corps boot up their ass, though. Sideways. With crampons attached.

Maybe that Columbia professor is behind it.

I can’t even fathem why someone would do this. I don’t quite know what laws these people are breaking, but there have to be some, and I hope they catch them. I can’t even concieve of an appropriate punnishment.

I thought perhaps it could be politicaly motivated, but I can’t quite figure out how anyone could think this would help a cause. Then again there are morrons and sociopaths in any movement that think causing pain to others will bring people to their side. It is maybe from these that terrorists and other mass murderers are made.

Wouldn’t you love to be the Judge that determines their sentence (provided that was a crime)? I believe I could get quite creative.

And harsh.

I send 'em to boot camp, and let everone at the camp know why they were there.

The mind boggles.

I like World Eater’s suggestion for punishment, but first I’d invite the guy to a BBQ at the local military base’s Family Support Center.

Actually, I think it’s somewhat common for some assholes to think it’s really funny to do this to people. My mom’s best friend got a call from a joker telling her her husband had had a heart attack and died. Told her what hospital he had been taken to and everything.

She went absolutely crazy when she got to the hospital and everyone said they’d never heard of him. They couldn’t calm her down until she was able to speak to her very much alive husband on the phone at work. He had to go get her and take her home.

Cruel is an understatement. I can’t imagine doing that to someone. :mad:

Wait, what the fuck? This happens fairly often, as per Lilac’s friend?

I don’t understand this. Why would a complete stranger’s panic and suffering be a source of entertainment? Do these wastes of vital organs hang up the phone and think to themselves, “Man, I really wrecked their day! Go me!”?

I’m having a lot of trouble wrapping my mind around this. Not that I don’t believe it but…what the fuck???

I’d have them sent to death row. Strap them into the table, put the needle in the vein, and inject. Tell them it’ll take a few minutes to take effect. A few minutes later, “Ha ha! That was just a saline solution! Got you!”

What World Eater or The Ryan said.

I can’t believe that people pull this shit. Sometimes I hear stuff on the radio like this where they place a prank call, but to actually pretend that someone is dead…words fail me.

This is a new twist on something that has been around for a long time. It’s not the work of a prankster. We’re talking about a disturbed sicko who is getting his jollies.


I don’t remember where I read this, but someone suggested that the hoaxer be put into a room for half an hour - with the servicemen they lied about.

Send them to Iraq to become your basic mark 1 mod 1 mine detector. (read STOMP STOMP STOMP)