Funny Real Life Names

I went to high school with a girl named April May.
The girl behind me during the ACT test was named, Anna Quaintance (I never knew her).
My shop teacher was named Flint Wild – just sounds funny to me.

Did you go to school in South Texas? 'Cause I went to school with a girl by the same name–and her middle name was some variant of June!

The other day I had to write an obituary for someone named Richard Ball.

Get it? Dick Balls?


You misread me. I was wondering if the kid’s parents had Bierce in mind when they were coming up with a name, that’s all.

My mistake, fetus. Sorry.

LJ HOOKER is a large chain of real estate agents in Australia. US tourists have been known to whisper, “Hey Martha, these Aussies sure are professional!” when their tourist coach passes by a ritzy downtown office tower with HOOKER HOUSE emblazoned on the top (or so local comedy acts would have you believe).

There’s also a local politician named Denver Beanland. That’s not even laden with double meaning - it’s just nicely goofy.

But the best of them… alas, as a postal worker I see thousands, but I’m bound by oath not to reveal anything I see in transit. So tempting though.

Oops. Accidentally deleted it.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but since it exists I didn’t want to start a new one.

On the morning news there are correspondents whose surnames are Kilbreath (‘Kill Breath’) and Kakade (‘Cock A Day’).

When I was a kid there was a correspondent named Richard Threlkeld. I always thought his name sounded like ‘Thrill Kill’.

Recently retired, David Bird was Director of the Avian Science and Conservation Centre, at McGill University’s MacDonald College in Montreal.