Funny signs/lettering/pictures you've seen on vehicles

Several weeks ago, there was a van at a car wash in Torrance, with a picture of Tinkerbell on the back, that was a little unusual: She had horns and a devil tail, and was holding a trident instead of a wand; and had just a hint of devilishness in her eyes. Below was the caption “Tinker Devil.”
The driver said that although Disney objected to this, all they required was that the family could not park the van on Disneyland property with that picture or caption showing. :smiley:
Post here something funny you have seen on a car/truck/motorcycle/whatever, showing the operator’s sense of humor. (Hey, I know that World War II planes often carried funny pictures; one showed a prototype of Alfred E. Neuman!)

I saw a guy with a “Romulan War Academy” sticker that looked like those ones you see for every other college. He also had another sticker that said “My other car is a Bird of Prey”

I thought it was cool, but I’m a geek, so…

A few years ago I was overseas somewhere and I saw a Mustang with a custom paint job. Only problem, the spelled it Mustnag. I’ve got a picture of it somewhere.

Some of my favorites from around the SF Bay Area were;

"Jensen’s radiator shop,
the best place in town to take a leak."

Then there were the Black Muslim Bakery trucks with their slogan, which I thought was pretty brilliant;

"A taste of the hereafter."
But the all time winner had to be the Oakland Meat Company logo printed right on their trucks for all to see;

"You can lick our chops,
but you can’t beat our meat."

Whoever came up with that one and got the owner’s approval to have it painted on the trucks is the sort of person I admire.

Back when those obnoxious yellow Baby on Board signs were popular, a friend attached a piece of wooden plank to his car bumper, then nailed a naked baby doll to the board with a big ten-penny nail.

Baby - on - board.

It was amazing how many people got offended by that.

Well, I laugh any time I see one of those cars that are 2 mm off the ground with some idiotic phrase written in peel-off stickers in the tinted part of the front windshield. Although I don’t really think that shows the operator’s sense of humor…


There’s a shipping company around central Vermont that has “G.O.D. Shipping” in large letters on all of its trucks. A friend once made a joke: “When it positively has to be there or there’s hell to pay…” Now I crack up whenever I see one of their fleet :slight_smile:


In the 70’s the Union Pacific railroad put their slogan on their vehicles:
UP – We can handle it.

My friends father, an electrician, had his slogan on his truck:
Let Sam find your shorts.

A Straight Flush Beats A Full House…Seen on a septic tank truck.

The little Jesus fishy with legs and “Darwin” written inside of it.

The Jesus fish with “Gefilte” written inside it.

Bumper sticker I saw last week read----

| PETA |
|People eating tasty animals |

I saw a vanity handicapped licence plate: BLIND 2

I saw a casket company panel truck on the interstate. On the back of the truck, in big letters, was painted:

“Drive carefully. We’ll wait.”

in front of a dry cleaners;
“Don’t drink and drive, you might spill some”

On a church
‘The only thing you miss by not being a Christian is Hell’

Now, I’m not a Christian so I thought it was a little snippy

On the trucks of a cesspit maintenance company - ‘Suck Cess’.

I’m not sure if this one is a UL or not, but supposedly all the employee badges of Wang Corp. carried their slogan “Wang Cares”. Spoken, it comes out as ‘wankers’.

Wanna see what I did with my old car? Click here! :smiley:

Kool bumper stickers :cool:

I always loved the one that says: “My other car is a Ferrari.” It is especially funny when attached to a crappy automobile which should be in the junkyard rather than riding out its last environment-polluting miles on the highways.

And yes, hypergirl’s and bare’s were really cool too.

My wife, definitely; my dog, perhaps; my gun, never.

I saw one on a Chevy that said:

“The Surgeon General doesn’t say anything about smoking a Ford.”

On company truck:

TANGERINE ELECTRIC–Call us when you run out of juice!