Funny things you thought of when you were drunk.

Or, Maybe it should be
“Things that you thought were funny when you were drunk”

One night I was drinking over at a buddy’s house. There was 3 three of us. We refer to this as the “Murph” night. For some reason we starting “Murphing”. Let me define Murphing. At first, we would think of a name and switch one of the syllable’s in the person’s name with the word Murph.

Arnold Murphanegger

We eventually expanded to pretty much everything.
TV show’s
Murph in the City
Everybody loves Murphmond

Another thing we thought was funny:
I created a word one night

Omnigackable- A food or beverage which will induce gacking everytime it is consumed. (Omnigackability)

My friend was claiming that he couldn’t drink Molson without gacking.

no more time. gotta go. i’ll save some for later

it’s fun to be stupid sometimes

One time I thought it would be a good idea to drive home. Well, at least I think I thought that… I don’t really remember.
I remember the cop waking me up from my nice little nap at the traffice light. Completely ruined my life . . .

ohh, were these supposed to be funny stories? Sorry Im still bitter.