Funporium! - a kickstarter for a web-driven comedy pilot

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Hi, folks! Longtime poster, first-time… no, not that… well, we’ll just go with that and I’ll cut to the chase. Elenfair and company have filmed a pilot episode for a web-driven comedy Funporium! and have a kickstarter going to raise funds to complete post-production. They’ve got Tara Strong (voice of, well, everything; Twilight Sparkle, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Bubbles, Dil Pickles, and a couple hundred other things), Rizwan Manji (Wolf of Wall Street, Outsourced, and even more other things), and a crapload of puppets.

In a nutshell, think 30 Rock crossed with Fraggle Rock, in a behind-the-scenes take on a children’s edutainment show with a human and a puppet cast. If you’re flashing back to Greg the Bunny, imagine Greg the Bunny that focused more on puppet characters than the humans, didn’t have FOX altering the show, and didn’t have a laugh track.

Here’s Kickstarter link, so it doesn’t get lost in the noise. And if you’ve just got to see the teaser video (in the style of a telethon fundraiser) right now, bang it here and save yourself the extra click.

As noted in the kickstarter’s disclaimer on risks and challenges, all of the footage has been shot and it is in the process of being edited and scored, so this isn’t a “We’re raising money to go make a film” but rather “We’ve already shot everything and now we’re dotting the t’s, crossing the i’s, and putting the icing on the gravy.”

You’ve got my pledge…IF Rizwan Manji personally apologizes to me for Outsourced.

Poor Rizwan… and his poor mustache… :wink:

A personal apology for the show is prrrrobably gonna be one of the stretch goals.

Oh, I don’t mean for the show itself. I’m looking for an apology for its cancellation.

Jeez, I’d like one of those too, especially given that I have eight offshore workers in Hyderabad and Bangalore reporting to me now. I’m not saying Outsourced has become a documentary for me, but …

Also, coincidentally, Tara Strong is doing an AMA on Reddit, like, right now. Sadly Rizwan Manji isn’t present for it but I’m sure he sends his regrets and apologizes for that too. :slight_smile:

How goes the funding quest?

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It goes! It went! And there are fewer than five days remaining. The link, as before, is Funporium! A web-driven comedy pilot for the deeply twisted. The Kickstarter reached its funding goal of $30,000 on Wednesday the 26th, and is now topping off and reaching for stretch goals in this last week.

Additional outtake footage has been posted on the kickstarter page, and now it’s just a week to go before the i’s are crossed and the t’s are dotted.

For those lurkers of you who kicked in, much thanks, you guys were fantastic. For those of you who did not, the puppets know where you live. For everyone, this means post-production will finish – all the editing, scoring, sound mixing, yadda yadda – and the full pilot episode will be posted in May.